WiFi Baby 3: iPad, iPhone, Android Baby Monitor Camera Review

WiFi baby 3

best baby monitorWhen WiFi Baby 2.0 was introduced to the market in 2013, it became one of the best baby monitor that support Wi-Fi network, getting positive reviews from hundreds of happy customers. So the new version – WiFi Baby 3 has the reasons to catch our attention. What is attractive about it? Is it worth the  price? Let me walk you through the new features of it so that you can make an informed choice about the purchase of the best baby monitor for you and your baby.


Enhanced night vision mode of WiFi Baby 3

The night vision mode is amazing because you can see up to 30 feet from the camera in complete darkness, which also means the whole nursery. None of video baby monitors we ever reviewed can beat it.
This is a handy feature which lets you see the surrounding environment of the baby more than just the crib.

True Color Streaming Video

The new version of WiFi Baby comes with a more powerful chipset which can handle more digital video data per second. Thus, it provides a more smooth video feed than WiFi Baby 2.0.

The new lens of it is equipped with an IR cut filter to present a true color video, especially under low light. In the previous versions, the color of the screen tends to get distorted in low light, so does most video baby monitors from other brands. So this is a huge improvement.

Free app for iOS device

The original app for your iPhone or iPad of this version is free, though the one for Andriod device is not (less than $4). For the early version, some people got a little pissed off when they found out that they had to pay another $10 for the app after spending so many bucks the camera.


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Wider viewing angle

Both the horizontal and vertical viewing angle have been enlarged by more than 10%, which means you can view more of the nursery.

Easy to set up and connect

There is a unique MyWiFiBaby URL via which you can get connected to the device from anywhere you like. You can also set it up through a streamlined way. For WiFi Baby 2.0, some customers complaint that it is a bit hard to get it set up. The company has simplified the process and makes it possible get it done in less than ten minutes. If you want, you can choose to seek help from customer service. They are willing to guide you step by step.

More importantly, you are able to connect to the camera via the MyWiFiBaby URL in a direct and secure way. There is no cloud service involved, so it is totally free. This way you are allowed to check in on your little one on your smartphone, PC or Mac.


The good thing about the app is that you can simply let it run in the background while still receiving the sound of the baby or multiple notifications. You can do whatever you want on the phone, texting, browsing webs, playing games, etc, and still get alerted when the baby cries.

Pros – What we Liked about the WiFi Baby 3


  • Enhanced video quality
  • Support different kinds of digital devices
  • Long covering range in night vision mode
  • Amazing customer service

Cons about the WiFi Baby 3


  • No two-way talk capability
  • No temperature display
  • Very expensive


If you are on a budget, consider the Foscam FI8910W Pan & Tilt IP/Network Monitoring Camera. It is also a great Wi-Fi baby monitor that will only cost you around $60!

If you would like to keep up with the most recent trends on the market, the WiFi Baby 4 has just been released for sale – check it out here!

Verdict on the WiFi Baby 3:

The WiFi Baby 3 is definitely one of the more expensive baby monitors on the market, but it also comes with loads of advanced features that would make your parenting experience much easier.

If you want the best connectivity, the best baby monitor for all conditions, then the WiFi baby range will have everything that you need.

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