Snug Baby Monitor v2 – WiFi Video Camera

Snug baby monitor v2

Snug Baby Monitor Review

Snug Baby Monitor v2

Make sure your baby sleeps safe and snug with the Snug Baby monitor!  Fitted for WiFi enabled devices, all you need to do is connect the system to your household WiFi network, and then you can simply stream the video signal onto any of your WiFi devices around the house.

Snug  baby monitor – Simple and quick set up

The Snug v2 baby monitor is easy and simple to connect up to your household WiFi network by downloading the free app to your mobile phone (either Android, or iPhone or whatever) connect in the camera system to your router, and it will automatically set up the monitoring system.  For added safety and security, we recommend that you password protect your monitoring system.  Again, the Sung baby monitor makes this as simple as following the instructions on the app on you mobile device.

Keep a watchful eye on your baby from anywhere you go

The Snug v2 baby monitor allows you the freedom to go about your normal day and you can keep a watchful eye on the baby, your older children, and even your pets, all at the same time!  Anywhere within the WiFi signal, you can simply use the home network to stay in touch via your handheld device, or even a tablet or laptop.

If you need to go further away from the house, or even go to work during the day, you can connect up to the video signal via your mobile phone, using your data once you are out of range of the WiFi.  This very handy feature means that no matter how far away you are, you can always check in with your precious bundle to see that everything is alright.  We don’t recommend that you leave small children at home by themselves, but we understand that even if you have a babysitter at home, sometimes it is extremely reassuring to be able to check up on your little baby through the streaming video signal.

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Snug Baby Monitor Motion Sensor and Audio Detection Alerts

Don’t be concerned that your baby may become wakeful without you knowing about it!  It is a fear of all parents that the baby may wake up and cry for attention, when you may be too far away to hear the noise.  In this situation, the Snug baby monitor has go t everything covered.

The monitoring system will detect the slightest noise or movement from within the nursery, and trigger an alert system that sends a signal to the app on your mobile device. If you wish to receive each and every alert signal, then you can have the alert show up on the app on your device, as well as a vibration alert.  To avoid unnecessary alerts, you have complete control over the sensitivity of the alerts, and you can change the settings to suit your own requirements.

Snug  baby monitor – lets you know if your baby is okay

Just because you receive an alert signal is no cause for alarm!  The alert signal is merely make you aware that your baby is stirring, and then you can more closely monitor to see if  baby really needs your attention, or is merely snuggling back to sleep.

Snug  baby monitor comes with Free App called SnugCam App

The downloadable SnugCam App is freely available on either your iOS device or Android.  If you have an iPhone, simple search in the Apple App Store, or similarly, if you have an Android phone, search for SnugCam in the Google Play Store.  Once you have the app working on your mobile device, all you need to do is connect to your Snug video camera (look for ID number with the camera), and also connect to your household WiFi.  Then you can control the Snug camera through the app on your mobile device, or laptop or computer.

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Snug  baby monitor – Product Guarantee

SnugCam provide a hassle free guarantee with the Sug v2 baby monitor, so there is no risk to have this device operating to you individual requirements.  Snug offer an online help service, so it you have any set up problems, be sure to ask for assistance, and they will provide assistance to get your problem resolved.

Snug  baby monitor in Summary

You can keep your baby and precious family safe and snug with the Snug Baby Monitor v2.  The SnugCam connects easily and simply to your existing household WiFi network, as well as any WiFi enabled devices that you choose to receive your monitoring signals.  You can monitor your precious baby from anywhere with the SnugCam monitor, including around the house in range of the WiFi, or even further afield using your mobile phone to stay in touch no matter where you choose to go.

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