Sumpple Wifi Wireless Digital Baby Video Audio Monitor Review

Sumpple WiFi best baby monitor

Best Digital Baby Video – Sumpplebest baby monitor

The Sumpple Wireless digital baby monitor is a multi purpose monitoring device that provides all the features that you would expect to see in a professional monitoring system, but at a very affordable price.

The secret to any good video monitoring system is the camera, and the Sumpple baby monitor comes with a high quality camera, streaming 1280 x 720 High Density Image.  But the best part is that you can control everything that the camera looks at!  You have full control of the camera angle in terms of wide angle pan for left and right sideways viewing and tilt control for up and down adjustment.  Once centered on your selected image, you can even zoom right in to make sure everything is okay with your precious sleeping baby.

Sumpple Wireless digital baby monitor is easy to set up and use

The Sumpple video baby monitor is very easy and quick in terms of installation, and the manufacturer claims it takes no more than 60 seconds to install.  The simple facts are tat it is very easy to set up, with a one key selection and choose smart setup – as easy as that!  The installation involves a plug and play application that you can download onto whichever device you choose, or even download it for all your devices, such as phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Sumpple Wireless digital baby monitor – Wireless connectivity

The Sumpple video baby monitor connects to your home WiFi network, and the monitoring signal can be streamed to any device or all your household devices.  Simply download the app onto the WiFi enabled device, and you can connect to the signal immediately.

Loads of other handy featuresSumpple WiFi best baby monitor reviews

The Sumpple video baby monitor also provides a two way intercom speaker system so that you can talk to your baby, without having to go into the nursery.  This can be an extremely useful option, rather than getting up and entering the nursery, which tends to cause your baby to wake up fully and demand more attention.  If you soothe your baby back to sleep, then this can help to teach your baby how to re settle themselves more peacefully in the future.  To assist with soothing and re settling, the Sumpple baby monitor has a selection of pre-recorded lullaby music, which can be a big help to soothe you baby in the middle of the night.

Even keep watchful eye on the Temperature

The Sumpple video baby monitor even keeps a watchful eye on the temperature and humidity in the nursery, as this can be an indicator if your baby gets too hot or too cold in the middle of the night.  We adults can become very uncomfortable when the temperature is not perfect, so we need to understand what is making our baby uncomfortable also.  Wrong temperature and too much humidity can be a big reason for waking in the middle of the and it is always good to be able to remotely monitor the conditions in the nursery without having to get up in the middle of the night.

Sumpple WiFi best baby monitor

Sumpple Wireless Digital Baby

Monitor Alert system

The Sumpple video baby monitor keeps a watchful eye over your precious baby, and when the sensor detects a range of signals, it will send an alert to your nominated parent monitor.  For example, you can use a range of alert systems, such as via the app on your mobile device, or an email direct to your computer or laptop.

These alerts can be generated from a whole range of detections, such as noise or motion sensors, temperature or humidity warning, and include the ability to detect motion no matter whether there is broad daylight or zero visibility at night.

When an alert signal is triggered, the video system automatically records images for you to check via the streaming signal to the app on your mobile, or via your computer, or whatever device you choose.  The camera is designed to operate in either full daylight or total darkness, so it does not matter whether the nursery is lit up or in darkness, you will receive full video signal of your precious baby.  Better still, the camera operates completely noiselessly and uses infra-red vision so as not to wake or disturb your baby in any way.

Summary – Sumpple Wireless digital baby monitorSumpple best baby monitor

With a Sumpple digital video baby monitor, you will never be left in the dark.  This is one of the best baby monitors we have reviewed on this site.  No matter what might cause your precious baby to wake in the middle of the night, you will be the first to know.  With the high density video camera, you will always be able to see close up images of the nursery, without having to get up in the middle of the night to investigate.  You can use the two way speaker system to soothe your baby back to sleep, and you can even play lullabies to help everyone sleep peacefully!

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