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LeFun Baby Monitor

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Baby Monitor

The LeFun wireless Camera is a multi-purpose device, suitable for baby monitor or surveillance camera!

The LeFun wireless baby monitor offers such powerful features, that we need to explain that it really can be much more than simply a baby monitor.  That is a very positive feature in your choice of best baby monitor, and because it is such a highly capable device, we highly recommend it for all your baby monitoring needs.

If you also have a requirement for surveillance monitoring, the you can even use the LeFun wireless monitor for many other uses around the home or office, such as for supervising babies as well as other members of the family, for security purposes around the home or office, as an intercom system for the front door of your home or office, and even to help out with the care of older patients who need extra support in the home.  You can even set up this versatile device to act as a remote control security system.  The possibilities are incredible!

What are the main features of the LeFun Baby Monitor

LeFun wireless baby monitor?

  • The Lefun wireless baby monitor is a WiFi based device, and requires a personal or office WiFi network to steam video and audio signals
  • Wireless Camera system featuring live streaming to the parent unit
  • Fully adjustable camera in pan, tilt and zoom
  • Video monitoring and recording capability so you can capture those special moments
  • Features automatic picture capture as well as video recording
  • Two Way Audio so that your baby can hear your voice
  • Night Vision plus motion detection
  • Very easy to setup the device with minimal tech knowledge


How to Set up the LeFun wireless baby monitor

The LeFun baby monitor is very easy to set up and connect to your home or office WiFi network.  Simply connect the video monitoring system to your WiFi router using the LeFun WPS functionality in just one button press – it is as simple as that!  This does assume that you have a WiFi router in your home or office, and even if you don’t already have one, I strongly recommend that you do not overlook this product.  You will fully appreciate the benefits of WiFi in your home for all your computing needs, as well as having a WiFi baby monitor, because it takes all the worry out of caring for your precious little baby.

Download the App and you are ready to go!

You will have to download the LeFun wireless baby monitor application from either the Apple App Store, or the Android marketplace.  For all of those who are not familiar with this process, it is as simple as searching on the keyword “MIPC” in the App store or Android marketplace and when you find it, you can download the app for free.

The MIPC app will allow you to control the LeFun video baby monitor in remote control mode, and one you have tried it once, you will be in complete control.  Simply launch the MIPC app on the monitor and scan the activation code underneath the camera.  Then you can log into the system using the default password and start video monitoring straight away.  As is always the best advice when connecting to WiFi or the internet, it is highly recommend that you change the default password immediately after you first log in, and then you know you will be safe and secure for continuous monitoring.


What are the other useful features of the LeFun WiFi Video Baby Monitor?

We feel that the most impressive feature of the LeFun WiFi Baby Monitor is the options it provides for connectivity and multiple uses.  Because the LeFun monitor is based on your WiFi network, you are not committed to using the parent monitor screen, you can actually use the WiFi network to stream the video and audio directly to your smart phone, tablet, mobile device, or even directly to your computer screen.  The LeFun baby monitor is extremely versatile.

This is why the LeFun device can be used as a monitor, a surveillance unit, or front door intercom, or even a remote control security alarm, and all of these functions can be very easily connected through your existing WiFi network.  You can even monitor the system from one or more devices all at the same time, and this is what gives you total confidence that your baby or property are safe and secure.


LeFun Wireless CameraLefun night and day camera system

for day or night!

The monitoring camera remains fully functional at all times of the day and night, and the High definition camera lens offers you crystal clear images and video recording excellence.  We were really impressed with the fantastic automatic zoom feature, and you are guaranteed to see every little detail of what is going on, with the wide horizontal viewing angle and vertical tilt control, which keeps you in control.


Not only doLeFun Baby Monitor you have total control of the camera, but you can use the 2 way talk back system to stay in touch with your baby, as well as talk over the intercom.  So now you can relax, knowing that you can hear your baby, see your baby and talk to your baby!


Don’t forget, the LeFun baby monitor is easy to set up and simple to use. The device is designed for quick installation using the latest wireless technology.  Once you have set up the WiFi video monitoring camera, you can stay connected through your smart phone, tablet or whatever you choose.



LeFun WiFi video baby monitor – Product Summary:

In Summary, the LeFun WiFi baby monitoring system is a very simple to use camera surveillance system, that can be used for many different purposes, depending on what you want to keep an eye on. Yes, this is a video baby monitor system, but there is no reason why you couldn’t use it for a whole range of monitoring tasks around your home or business.  Just a few of the applications where you could use this WiFi system are in place of a security camera, baby monitor, front door intercom, or even as an office security system.

The video baby monitor is easy to install, you just need access to a WiFi network, and download the MIPC app which is free from LeFun.  Once you download the app all you have to do is log in, create a personalised account and add the video camera system to your account. It is as simple as that to set up, but once you start using this extremely capable device, you will be hooked!  You have complete control over the camera right from your smart phone or mobile device, such that you are free to move around the house and do your chores or simply relax while your baby sleeps in complete safety and security.


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