Don’t Buy WiFi Baby 2.0 Before You Read This Review

WiFi baby video monitor


WiFi Baby Video Monitor

Are you looking for a WiFi baby camera that allows you to check in on your infant no matter where you are? Then you might be interested in WiFi Baby 2.0. As you might already know, It’s also one of the top rated monitors in its category. This is revealed by its high price more or less. Anyway, you get what you paid for.

This bad boy provides streaming live and recorded video feed on your iOS, Andriod devices, tablet, PC or Mac from anywhere. You can keep an eye on your baby from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connection. We will focus on its main advanced features in this WiFi Baby 2.0 review. However, there are also weaknesses of this monitor to be aware of which we will point out and make a detailed description of.

Important Update (Don’t Flush your Money Down the Toilet): We no longer recommend WiFi Baby 2.0 due to the release of the latest version – WiFi Baby 3. It comes with more reliable performance and affordable price, and the customer reviews are quite positive. Go to Amazon to see how amazing it is, or you can read our review of WiFi Baby 3.

Main Benefits of WiFi Baby 2.0

  • You can pair it with each type of digital device – Andriod , iOS devices, PC or Mac
  • It allows you to do many things via the App – simultaneous video/audio, camera zooming, picture in picture multiple camera monitoring and more.
  • You can even record the video feed on a SD card
  • The video feed you get is just crystal clear


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Let’s take a look at the details

1) Compatible with different devices and the latest OS

You can turn most of your wireless devices into baby monitor units by using the App it provides: PC, Mac, iOS or Android devices. While some Wi-Fi baby monitors only support one certain type of device, such as iBaby M3 baby monitor and the BabyPing monitor. It is compatible with the latest OS: Windows 8, Mountain Lion, iOS7+ and Android 4.0+. And it always keeps up to the latest OS updates.

2) Video and sound quality of the WiFi Baby 2.0

The streaming video feed is smooth and clear either in daytime or at night. However, the video quality could get bad at around dusk when the camera is a little ‘confused’ to know whether it should flip between daytime and night vision. But for most of time, the quality of the image is quite good.

Besides, if you need to supervise several cameras on your iPhone simultaneously, the screen will be divided into smaller pieces by the app, which makes the picture from each camera kind of small and pointless. For parents  of 2 kids, half of the iPhone screen will be wasted.

3) No ‘clicking’ noise to annoy you

The audio is crystal and pure. The system filters white noise so that you can just hear what is important. The audio-only mode allows you to be alerted in the night when the baby cries or something else happens. You can also set the device to stay active all night long by overriding ‘auto-lock’.

WiFi baby 2.0


4) Record your baby’s first walk

Another uncommon feature of it is the capability of video recording which most traditional monitors don’t come with. Together with its snapshots feature, you can share the most lovely pictures or video footage of your baby online with your family or friends. There are 4 ways of recording: recording through the phone app at will, scheduled recording, automatic recording in intervals and motion activated recording.

5) Sound or movement alerts

You can choose to receive an alert on your device via WiFi or 3G/4G network when there is any sound or motion detected by the camera in the nursery.  In this way, you can have peace of mind when dozing off or doing housework or working in the yard when you know that you will be alerted once your little baby cries or moves around.

6) Great customer support

It is what a great amount of parents talk about on Amazon. I have to say this WiFi baby monitor is not as easy to set up as other baby monitors. Some customers did have an unpleasant experience in this respect. But the customer support is always there providing technical assistance to help out. According to the reviews of those parents, most of them ended up with a happy result.

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Other features

A MicroSD card slot is designed for storage memory expansion. It supports up to 32G memory expansion which can be filled with several hours’ high quality video recording.

By bringing in the latest 802.11n wireless technology, the transmission takes less bandwidth but provides smoother signal. You will be less likely to encounter freezing or lag time problems, though the audio can be delayed for few seconds which is not big deal for most people.

A visual range of 20 feet is available to watch over your baby under night vision mode. You can watch your baby at night without any lamps turning on, because the invisible infrared ray emitted by the camera ‘lights up’ the crib so that the digital camera can ‘see’ it.

WiFi baby video monitor


  • It’s a bit difficult to set it up for those with few technical skills
  • You can’t remotely pan and tilt the camera to see more of the nursery
  • You need to pay another $12.00 for an iPhone App
  • As a high-end baby monitor, it doesn’t come with a thermometer module and 2-way talk function


The WiFi Baby 2.0 is undoubtedly among the best baby monitors on the market. It has gained 4.0 stars rating from more than 150 customers on Amazon. As a real high-end baby monitor, it surprisingly lacks some common features such as pan, tilt and two-way talk, which are becoming common on both traditional and high-end baby monitors. It won’t be a big deal until your baby grows up and becomes more active. The wall-mounting capability and zoom function may help gain a relatively wider view angle. Anyway, it delivers some of the best features that will make your life much easier. If you want to try a versatile, high-end WiFi baby monitor, don’t miss it.

If a cheap wi-fi baby monitor is what you are looking for, then the FI8910W module from Foscam is possibly your best choice. Click here to read the review.


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