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The Hitachi Baby Monitor is a top of the range Video Baby Monitor with some of the most useful technology we have ever seen on a baby monitor. The Hitachi Monitor comes with the very latest in Night Vision technology to provide you clear images in complete darkness.  Better still, the Hitachi Video Monitor comes with an Auto Tracking feature that actually tracks the movement of your baby in the nursery.

So this means that even if you are sleeping, the Hitachi Video Baby Monitor is working and keeping a reassuring eye on your precious baby.

The Hitachi Baby Monitor has Voice Activationbest baby monitor reviews

The monitor has an alert mode called Voice Activation (VOX) mode, which means it only transmits a signal when your baby is stirring, crying or awake.  If you baby is sleeping peacefully, then there is no need to be alerted and there is no signal.  Once the detector is triggered by movement, noise, or temperature, the monitor changes into transmit mode, ready to send a signal.  This mode is virtually silent and will not alert or alarm you are your precious baby.

The Hitachi Baby Monitor has motion and noise detection

If the motion sensor or noise detector continues to record a trigger, then the system will remain on alert in case your baby wakes up.  When this happens, you will receive the signal via video streaming from the camera directly to your viewing device, as well as the crystal clear audio so that you can recognise your baby’s cries.

The Hitachi Baby Monitor has Auto Trackingbest baby monitor review

Because of the addition of the latest auto tracking technology, the camera is always focused on your baby, and no matter how dark the nursery is, the night vision camera provides you with clear images, so that there is no need to be concerned about your baby.


Hitachi LullaBaby Digital Baby Monitor

The Hitachi LullaBaby Digital Baby Monitor is supplied with a very nice 90 mm display and you can always get a nice close up view of your baby because the auto tracking will always keep the image in perfect sharp focus.  This gives you the peace of mind knowing that you have complete care over your little bundle, even if you are not in the same room.

And this helps with the night vision camera also – because the camera is always pointing in the right spot, the camera can provide clear and sharp images, either in daylight, half light, or even in total darkness.

How does Auto Tracking work?

This advanced technology is not a feature that is common on baby monitors.  Auto tracking is usually only available on the high end industrial security monitors, but Hitachi have now  made this feature available to parents who choose the LullaBaby video baby monitor.

But you are still in control!  Even with auto tracking, you can still drive the pan, tilt and zoom controls whenever you like, or you can simply let the baby monitor take over and do the job for you.  At least you know that the auto tracking is keeping an eye on things when you are not in the room, or when you are busy doing something else around the house.

The Hitachi Baby Monitor has Night Visionbest baby monitor reviews

Again, Hitachi offer the latest technology including brilliant night vision images, even if the nursery is in total darkness.  The Lullababy video monitor provides the latest technology to seamlessly switch from day time to night time mode.  No matter what time of the day or night, the video camera will provide constant streaming images that will reassure you that you can always see you baby, even when you are not in the room.

Temperature Sensor with Alert

The Lullababy also comes with a clever temperature sensing feature that continually monitors the temperature of the nursery.  This feature makes sure that your baby remains comfortable during the day and night, and when you are having one of those wakeful nights, it can be good to know that your baby is not hot or cold, and that helps you solve at least some the problems.  Unfortunately, we haven’t solved the problem of getting a good night’s sleep just yet!

Two-Way Talk/Audio

But we do know that sometimes your baby just needs to hear your voice, and with a little reassurance from Mom or Dad, can sometimes drift peaceful back off to sleep.  So with the two way intercom system, the Hitachi baby monitor provides a way for you to soothe your baby during the wakeful times, with the hope that your baby will happily snuggle back to sleep.

Expandable for several Cameras at the same time

best baby monitor reviews

If you have more than one child you wish to monitor, or you want to expand your system to watch over other rooms in your house, the Hitachi video monitor can be connected up to more than one camera, up to as many as 4 cameras.  This allows you to manage a complete monitoring system around your house, which can be a very reassuring way to keep an eye on your valuables.


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Hitachi Baby Monitor Reviews

  • “I am very impressed with the Hitachi night vision images, which are surprisingly clear.  The daytime images are maybe not quite as good as what you get from a video recording camera, but you still get a crystal clear image. The monitor can be set to VOX so you only get a signal when it detects noise or movement.  It instantly comes to life and I can see exactly what my baby is up to, and whether it is time to wake up, or change the diaper, or whatever.  There is also a mode where you can set it to constant video and this is the setting I most often use.”
  • “The auto tracking system is awesome, and no matter how much my baby rolls around the camera is always on her face, so that I can see she is not tangled up in the bed clothes.  I really like that feature the most, because I used to worry about my baby getting all tangled up, but now I can see her sleeping perfectly quietly and happily – I love it!”


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