Why do you need the best video baby monitor

best baby monitor review

The best video baby monitor is an essential part of the fit out of your nursery in preparation for the arrival of a newborn baby. In the excitement and anticipation of the arrival of your precious bundle, it is important not to overlook one of the most essential items in the room – the video baby monitor!

Every nursery needs a video baby monitorbest baby monitor review

You can spend ages designing the new look of the nursery, and choosing colors and toys and baby furniture. But don’t forget to include the very best video baby monitor
When it comes to looking after your sleeping baby, there is no other way to be reassured that he or she is sleeping peacefully, than to be able to check a clear and detailed video image of your precious baby.

Check out the latest and best video baby monitor

Never mind if you previously overlooked one of these incredibly useful pieces of technology. Never mind if you have an older style baby monitor. The latest and best video baby monitor on the market is a wonderful addition to any family, and certainly worth checking out if you wish to upgrade your old baby monitor to the latest technology.

Match the décor of your nursery

These days, the best video baby monitor can be a very high tech piece of equipment, and no longer needs to dominate the room, nor look like a security system has been installed in the baby room. Discrete and able to match with whatever décor you choose in the nursery, a baby video monitor can sit unobtrusively on a table, or cupboard, and can be focused on whatever you need to see in the nursery.

Fully controllable in pan, tilt and zoom

The latest and best video baby monitor can be fully automated in pan, tilt and zoom, so that no matter where you choose to place the baby monitor in the nursery, the controller can simple focus in on the cot or even directly at your baby’s face if you like, such that you will never be left wondering if your baby is awake or asleep.

Best video quality at day or night

Even better if you don’t want to wake up a sleeping baby, all you need is a quick glance to the video baby monitor, that everything is quiet and peaceful. No matter whether it is day or night, whether the nursery is light or in darkness, you still want to be able to check to check that your baby is sleeping happily. Well – with the latest and best video baby monitor, you can do all of this and much more!

Automatic tracking capabilitybest video monitor

Some of the latest and best video baby monitors even have automated tracking functionality, which means that if your baby moves or rolls over during sleep time, the automatic video baby monitor can track the movement, change the focus of the baby video camera, and all the while maintain a clear, accurate video image on the baby’s face.

The best video baby monitor can be networked

Without a doubt, the biggest innovation with best video baby monitor would have to be the networking technology that allows a baby monitor to be interconnected. The most useful way that a baby monitor can provide a true all round service is to be networked in such a way as to provide a household monitoring system.  Even the best wireless doorbell can be connected up to stream video back to your mobile device.

Connect more video baby monitors

When you buy a baby video monitor, no longer do you have to look at a dedicated transmitter and receiver system. What we really need from the best video baby monitor is the ability to connect with other camera systems, and even other security systems, and to feed the data to the parent receiver station. As a minimum, the best video baby monitor can utilise two separate video cameras. The video feed from separate video baby monitors can be monitored on a single parent station. At the press of a button, a parent can switch camera images, control each camera individually, and even add more video baby monitors!

Monitor baby and the rest of the household

So when you connect up more video baby monitors, you will be able to keep watch over your sleeping baby, as well as your toddler playing in another room, or even watching what the pets are doing, or even monitor the visitors who arrive at the front door!

We have checked out the best baby video monitor reviews on the market.  Read on to see our best video baby monitor reviews.

So if you want to be able to connect your video baby monitor with multiple camera units, there is a range of suitable options to choose from.

1. Infant Optics DXR-8 – best video baby monitor

We think so. The Infant Optics DXR-8 is one of the latest technology releases on the market, and we have reviewed this baby monitor in more detail, here at best baby monitors world.

The package can be purchased with either one or two camera units, so you have the flexibility to install a dual camera system up front, or you can chose to add more cameras as you need to. The Infant Optics DXR-8 video baby monitor can be extended or added to at any time up to a maximum of 4 camera systems. Additional cameras monitors can be purchased for around $100, so it is a simple task to expand your baby monitor network as your family grows!

Infant Optics DXR-8 – best video baby monitor – user reviews
best video baby monitorWhy do you need the best video baby monitor 1

Infant Optics DXR-8 is one of the most popular video baby monitors on the market, and here are the product specifications:

  • Most Popular
  • Infant optics dxr-8
  • 1 parent unit, and up to 4 camera units (additional camera $100)
  • Full control of pan / tilt / zoom of camera
  • 3.5 inch LCD Monitor
  • Daytime and Night vision
  • Two way talk intercom feature


2. Summer Infant dual camera video baby monitor

Summer infant have added a dual camera system to their well known video baby monitor range.  You can view the 2 camera images from the parent monitor unit at the same time.  You can easily and simply keep your eye on twins in the same room, or two children in different rooms.  With a system that is expandable up to a total of 4 cameras, you will have the ability to take care of whoever or whatever you need to keep watch over.best video baby monitor

Summer Infant dual view digital color video baby monitor:

  • Fitted with 2 cameras and parent baby monitor unit
  • Connect up to a total of 4 cameras
  • High Quality LCD monitor – 3.5 inch
  • Day and night video
  • Full control of camera Zoom, pan and tilt
  • Split screen parent monitor – watch 2 images at once
  • Parent intercom



3.  Samsung SEW-3043W Brightview video baby monitor

best video baby monitorThe Samsung Brightview is another contender for best video baby monitor, and we especially like the package which includes two video monitor cameras.  With simple and easy to use parent monitor interface, you have full control over the two cameras, and can focus each camera on exactly what you want to look at.  Whether it be sleeping baby in one room, and playing toddler in another room, the Samsung SEW-3043W Brightview is flexible enough to suit your needs.

Here is a summary of the Samsung SEW-3043W Brightview:

  • Comes with 2 cameras and one monitor
  • 90 mm LCD monitor
  • Control of Pan, tilt and Zoom
  • Day and night vision
  • Two way parent intercom system

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Motorola Video Baby Monitors

Motorola make a range of the latest and best video baby monitors, which can suit a range of different requirements, and different needs.  Motorola tend to be more expensive to buy, but without doubt, you get what you pay for, and Motorola have a reputation for high quality and value for money.  Depending on you own requirements; there are two differently priced packages that we will review, in case you want to understand the differences.

We will discuss two different Motorola models, the MBP 43/2 and the MBP 25/2.


4. MBP25/2 – Motorola digital baby video monitor

Why do you need the best video baby monitor 2
This is one of the latest Motorola digital video baby monitor released on the market, and it is no surprise that it is a contender for the best video baby monitor.  This is an excellent choice of baby monitor and comes with all the features and is a little cheaper than the MBP 43/2.
best video baby monitorWhy do you need the best video baby monitor 3
Some of the highlights of the Motorola MBP 25-2 wireless video baby monitor are:

  • 2 cameras included and 1 parent unit
  • 2.4 inch Parent monitor (60 mm screen size)
  • Day and night vision
  • Two way parent intercom
  • Under $150
  • Cheaper option


5. MBP 43/2 Motorola digital video baby monitor


If you want some additional features, such as larger parent monitor screen, and full control over the camera pan, tilt and zoom, then the Motorola 43/2 is a more expensive option, but comes with additional nice to have features.best video monitor reviews

  • Comes with 2 Camera and 1 baby monitor
  • Interconnected network of up to 4 cameras
  • 3.5 inch (90mm) high quality colour screen
  • Full control of tilt, pan  and zoom
  • Full colour daytime mode
  • Night vision in Infra-red mode
  • Room temperature indicator
  • Mute mode, with Sound indicator LED lights
  • Two way intercom feature
  • Priced over $200

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