Crib Safety – How to Choose the Safest Baby Cribs?

Crib safety

With all the new rules and regulations about baby safety, are you concerned about crib safety?  How do you know if all the baby accessories are safe to use?  Do you know if the baby crib that you trust to keep your baby safe and comfortable is actually safe to use?

That is what we are all about here at Best Baby Monitors World – we want to make sure that your baby is safe at all times.  So that you relax, knowing that you have the correct furnishings and accessories for your baby.  However, even the best baby monitor cannot save your baby if the baby accessories are not safe to use. So let’s talk about crib safety!

We all want the best for our babies, not only keep them safe, but to keep them warm and happy.  This includes the best baby crib, infant bed, or convertible crib, the best crib mattress, best baby bedding materials, and especially the best baby monitor.

There are many baby accessories to make your life easier, but how do you choose from the wide variety of different products, and how do you know if they are safe for baby?
crib safety - how to choose the safest baby cribsCrib Safety - How to Choose the Safest Baby Cribs? 1To help you choose the safest baby cribs and accessories, we have prepared a guide to cover the key points of each type of baby crib accessory.  We have assessed each of the common products in terms of the potential dangers posed by each of these baby crib accessories.

We have always kept up to date with the latest Government regulations which provide the safety standards for all baby products.  It is important to keep this in mind when looking for baby accessories to buy the safest baby cribs. We hope this guide will offer some extra information to help you make a decision on what to buy for your safe baby crib.


1) Crib Safety – How to Choose the Safest Baby Cribs?

The most important information is about the safety regulations that all baby cribs must comply with.  Here are some guidelines for compliance:

  • Drop side cribs are not approved for use in the USA. If you still have one, you can easily immobilize it so that the side cannot move.  You can try calling the manufacturer for a modification kit to make the sides fixed, so that it meets with the regulations.
  • The safe distance between the slats of the crib should be no more than 60 mm apart, to prevent your baby from getting stuck between the bars.
  • Before using the crib, you should also make sure that there is no loose or chipped paint. Anything loose may separate from the sides or base of the crib, as babies tend to pull on anything within reach.
  • Also be aware if you consider painting an old baby crib, that the paint needs to be safe for babies, as they tend to suck on anything around them.
  • If the crib is more than 10 years old, then it is highly recommended to replace it. There have been numerous changes in safety regulations in the past decade, and if you are not sure, then it is safer to buy a new safe baby crib that meets the safety standards.
  • Because government standards constantly change to provide stricter regulations, we do not recommend that you use second hand cribs without at least checking the manufacturers’ information to check that the crib complies with the safety standards.

2)  Crib Safety – What are the Different Types of Safe Baby Crib?

There are many different types of safe baby cribs on the market, such as bassinet, stationary crib, portable crib, convertible crib, or cribs with drop down sides.  Not only do you need to know about safety, but you also need to know which are the safest cribs, the most comfortable, the most convenient, and which is the easiest to use.

crib safety - how to choose the safest baby cribsCrib Safety - How to Choose the Safest Baby Cribs? 2
Baby bassinet:

When your baby is very small, you may choose to keep you baby close by your side.  The best way to do this is with a baby bassinet.  This is generally a small, snuggly baby bed that can easily be moved around the house, depending on where you need to go, and still be close to your sleeping baby.

Safe Baby cribs:

When you baby is old enough to sleep in their own nursery, then you can move them out of the baby bassinet, and into the baby crib.

A baby crib is a basic nursery requirement, and this is the fun part of choosing accessories for your baby.  If you know whether you have a boy or a girl can take some of the mystery out of making a choice, but if you are like mcrib safety - how to choose the safest baby cribse, it will come as a complete surprise!

Crib Safety - How to Choose the Safest Baby Cribs? 3
Safe Convertible Cribs

We love the idea of these convertible cribs, which can be either 3-in-1 or even 4-in-1 combination baby beds.  The beauty of these fantastic convertible cribs is that you can simple change the configuration of the crib as your baby grows, and keep the same crib, by turning it into a toddler bed.  The excellent feature of these convertible cribs is that they are fully compliant with the safety standards concerning baby cribs.



crib safety - how to choose the safest baby cribsCrib Safety - How to Choose the Safest Baby Cribs? 4Portable cribs

When it comes to considering a portable crib, they can make it easier if you need to quickly move it to another room. Maybe to the living room so they can sleep and you can relax for a bit while still being close by. Or if you’re planning on taking a trip somewhere, so they have a place to sleep. However, with portable cribs being smaller to increase portability, it also means that they’ll outgrow one much faster.

Toddler bed

Usually a toddler bed is only suitable once your baby has grown old enough to sleep in the bed alone, and without risk of rolling out of the bed.  Suitable once your baby reaches 2 or 3 years of age, a toddler bed also needs to be safe for your baby to use.
crib safety - how to choose the safest baby cribsCrib Safety - How to Choose the Safest Baby Cribs? 5

Child’s bed

There is a huge range of children’s beds, from loft beds, bunk beds, trundle beds, as well as all types of adventure beds, or character beds to help your child get happily off to sleep.


3) Crib Safety – How to Choose the Safest Crib Mattress

Modern Safe Baby Cribs generally conform to a predetermined interior size.  So long as you are not dealing with a very old crib you should be safe buying a standard crib mattress.  All baby crib mattresses must conform with the safety standards.

The thing to look out for with a crib mattress is that there must not be a gap between the edge of the mattress and the side of the baby crib.   This is to prevent your baby from getting stuck in the side of the mattress. It is also important if you are thinking about using an old baby mattress, to ensure that it is not too soft, which can be dangerous in case of suffocation during sleep.
Crib Safety - How to Choose the Safest Crib Mattress Crib Safety - How to Choose the Safest Baby Cribs? 6
Choosing a baby crib mattress can sometimes be a hassle, as you not only want your baby to be comfortable, but also don’t want to break the bank! When it comes to the material of the crib mattress, there are quite a few different types to choose form, each with their own advantages and drawbacks.

Foam Safe Crib Mattress

Foam mattresses are the most popular type of baby crib mattress, as they’re cheaper to buy than other mattresses. They are also lighter in comparison, which can really come in handy when changing sheets or cleaning the mattress itself. Foam mattresses come in various depths, with the most common being anywhere from 3 to 6 inches deep.

Innerspring or Coil Safe Crib Mattress

The next type of baby crib mattress is the innerspring, which is more expensive but also very comfortable.  Due to the springs, the mattress is firmer, which is safer for babies. Innerspring mattresses are popular among parents because we all use innerspring mattresses, so that is the most familiar. If you want to check the support and comfort of your baby, look for the amount of, and thickness of innerspring coils in the mattress.  The more innerspring coils the better, as they provide more firmness, safety and comfort for your baby.


4) Crib Safety – Baby Crib Sheets: Fitted Or Loose?

Crib Safety - How to Choose the Safest Crib Mattress Crib Safety - How to Choose the Safest Baby Cribs? 7
When choosing sheets for your baby crib, we also need to consider safety first.  Most people get carried away with choosing colors and pretty things, but the most important thing is to choose a fitted sheet.

Better still, if at all possible, choose one that goes all the way around to prevent it from slipping off and tangling the baby. We highly recommended that you do not use loose sheets in the baby crib. Loose sheets and baby bedding create the potential hazard of getting tangled, with the possible risk off suffocation.

The only other thing to be careful about is to choose bedding according to the changes of the seasons.  Don’t risk getting your baby too hot or too cold, and choose baby crib bedding accordingly.

5) Crib Safety – are Safe Crib Bumpers okay to use?

crib safetyCrib Safety - How to Choose the Safest Baby Cribs? 8
People use baby crib bumpers on the inside of the crib to prevent the baby from being hurt by the hard sides of the crib.  So they are primarily used to keep the baby safe.

But there have been some concerns that baby bumpers, and anything else inside the baby crib, creates a risk of tangles and suffocation for the baby.  So this can be a difficult subject to make a recommendation.  We feel that if you wish to use baby bumpers in your baby crib, then you should do research to ensure that the bumper cannot be detached from the sides of the crib.

If you are uncertain about the safety of baby bumpers, then do not use them.


6) Crib Safety – are Baby Sleeping Nest / Bag safe to use?

crib safetyCrib Safety - How to Choose the Safest Baby Cribs? 9
There is no doubt that a baby sleeping bag is the best way to keep your baby snug and warm.  The problem is that it can be difficult to find exactly the right size sleeping bag, and especially if you already have lots of warm clothing on your baby, then the size may not be quite right.  So how do you know if your baby is safe in the baby sleeping bag?

Some babies just seem to love being snuggled to sleep in their sleeping bag, and others tend to get frustrated and twist and turn.  If this is the case with your baby, then you need to make sure that they don’t get tangled.  If your baby just cannot be comfortable in the sleeping bag, then perhaps it is just not meant to be.  After all, it is not worth the risk to the safety of your baby.

7) Crib Safety – are Baby Toys Safe For the Crib?

crib safetyCrib Safety - How to Choose the Safest Baby Cribs? 10
Now we get to the controversial topic of placing toys in the baby crib.  While it is normal to want to provide comfort for your baby, it is important to understand that there may be risk associated with crib toys.

Soft cuddly toys, colorful mobile toys, flashing lights, and even lullaby music are all part of the choice for parents to make about soothing their baby to sleep.  You need to make sure that no parts can fall off the crib toys, and that all of the toys meet with the safety standards.  We generally recommend that less is best, and if possible, choose crib toys that hang above the crib, and cannot drop parts or fall into the baby crib.


8) Best Baby Monitor for Crib Safety

Best Baby Monitor for Crib SafetyCrib Safety - How to Choose the Safest Baby Cribs? 11
The best baby monitor plays an important role in every parents safety regime.  With the latest technology baby monitors, you can check that your baby is safe and sound, whether playing, or sleeping, during the day and in the middle of the night.

Which type of baby monitor helps keep baby safe?

  • There are audio monitors to listen to your baby, so that you know when your baby is awake
  • There are video monitors so that you see whether your baby is awake or sleeping peacefully
  • There are movement monitors that let you know if your baby is restless, or hasn’t moved in a certain time period
  • There are combination baby monitors that look after everything including temperature in the nursery, and even let you speak via the intercom system
  • There are tracking baby monitors that follow your baby when they roll over
  • There are WiFi baby monitors that use your existing home WiFi system
  • There are baby monitors that send signals direct to your mobile phone!

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With the latest baby monitor technology, there is no need to worry about keeping your baby safe.  Let us help you choose the best baby monitor, to satisfy all your crib safety concerns!


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