best baby monitorWherever you are in the house, you can rest assured that the baby is well looked after with the help of the best baby monitor. The best baby monitors feature high quality video and pure audio. It will alert you once it picks up any meaningful sound in the nursery. You can keep a tab on your baby as conveniently as possible.

However, it is not that easy to pick the best from so many options in the market, as it takes a great amount of research and comparison, so that’s where we come in. We have done all the ‘dirty work’ for you by comparing tons of different modules on the market and picking out the best for you, and we are happy to reveal our exclusive secret on how to choose the right one for your infant.


4 Best Baby Monitors Of The Year


1.  Infant Optics DXR-8 – It’ll Be All it’s Hyped Up to be
nfant Optics DXR-8 lens

In most cases, the ‘zoom’ feature of a video baby monitor is kind of a hype, even for the products in our top ten list. Because when you zoom the picture, the digital zoom effect deteriorates image clarity or resolution, but this machine offers better resolution than the cheaper options.

The Infant Optics DXR-8,, the game changer, is the first video baby monitoring device with interchangeable lens and optical zoom. It provides 3 different kinds of lenses to meet your needs – normal lens, zoom optical lens and wide angle lens. You can remotely zoom the camera to get a closer view of your infant like a telescope.

It displays smooth and high quality video feed on its compact 3.5″ color LCD, which is way better than the DXR-5 unit. Besides, it comes with almost all the advanced features you could expect about a high-end monitor – PT capacities, temperature display, two way talk ability,etc.

All in all, it has strong reasons to be at the top of our list. If you plan to spend $200 on a video baby monitor, don’t bother looking further – Read the full review.


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2. Snuza Hero – The One That Might Save Your Baby’s Life

Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 1Though there is no valid evidence to show that a baby motion monitoring device can 100% prevent SIDS, it literally can provide an extra layer of protection for your infant, which is also the reason why so many parents like to have one.

However, the biggest drawback with SIDS alarms is the false alarms that occasionally occur. No one needs to be scared by false alarms when it comes to the health of their little ones.

So the decision is yours to make – but sometimes you need to understand your technology and not be alarmed each time.  So having said all of that, we recommend the Snuza Hero because it tends to perform a bit better on the false alarm part. It will almost never generate false alarms as long as you attach it to your infant’s diaper steadily enough.

If your worries about the safety of your infant stop you from having a good sleep at night, then this tiny little gadget might save you from unnecessary worry.  Read the full review.


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3. WiFi Baby 3 – Monitor Your Baby In a Streamlined Way

Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 2It could be very sweet if you could check in on your baby from anywhere at any moment. That is where a WiFi baby monitor comes into play. Why do we recommend WiFi Baby 3 to you guys since we have 3 different quality WiFi baby monitors in our list?

First of all, it is so versatile. It is totally compatible with PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, Android, etc, and you can access the cam via 3G, 4G, LTE or WiFi. Unbelievable, right?  That is really what we need, to be connected wherever we want to move around the house!

Secondly, it allows you to record the video feed in a SD card, so that you will never miss the first walk of your sweetie. Dropcam pro, the best seller on Amazon, another great WiFi baby camera, will charge you over $100 for video recording service each year. That is unnecessary cost for any average family.

At last, it comes with loads of advanced features, and it is pretty easy to set up, which is not like the older version WiFi Baby 2.0. Read the full review to see how amazing it is.


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4. Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Baby Cam – Not Just A Baby Monitor

Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 3The Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi Digital Cam must be the second to none choice when it comes to safety & security of your child or home surveillance. It serves way more than a baby monitor. Wherever you apply it, you could always get on time and high definition video feed on your smart phone.

Features At a Glance

  • Pretty easy to set up (Less than 60 secs)
  • It works with Nest safety device
  • Real HD video feed and crystal clear sound
  • Up to 130 degrees field of view, with night vision mode and zoom ability
  • It supports Dual-band-Wi-fi network – 2.4 GHz antd 5GHz
  • It serves as a pet-cam or security cam
  • Users can receive sound or motion alerts on their own device


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Top Ten Baby Monitors in 2016

Product nameTypeFeaturesPrice rangeRatingReview
Infant Optics DXR-8
Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 4
- Video

- Audio
- The first baby monitor that comes with optical zoom feature in the world
- Amazing video and sound quality
- All kinds of cool features
$200 to $2504.7Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 5
Snuza Hero
Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 6
- Movement- Fewer false alarms than its competitors
- Compact and portable design
- No electromagnetic radiation
$100 to $1504.5Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 5
Summer Infant
Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 8
- Video

- Audio
- An easy-to-use touchscreen
- Clear video and audio feed
- Pan, tilt and zoom capabilities
- Long battery life

$150 to $2004.5Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 5
WiFi Baby 3
Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 10
- WiFi

- Video

- Audio
- It supports PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices
- Video and audio recording capability
- Longer monitoring range in the night
$200 to $2504.5Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 5
Motorola MBP36
Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 12
- Video

- Audio
- Crystal clear sound and video feed
- Bigger screen than MBP33
- Pan, tilt and zoom capacity
$200 to $2504.4Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 5
Samsung SEW-3037W
Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 14
- Video

- Audio
- Glamorous appearance
- Long reception range
$200 to $2504.4Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 5
Infant Optics DXR-5
Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 16
- Video

- Audio
- Best seller on Amazon for years
- Impressive performance and super affordable price
$50 to $1004.4Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 5
Dropcam Pro Wi-Fi
Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 18
- WiFi

- Video

- Audio
- Best seller on Amazon
- Sleek and cool appearance
- Real HD video
- Online cloud video recording
$150 to $2004.3Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 5
AngelCare AC401
Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 20
- Movement

- Audio
- Sound and motion detection
- Temperature display
- Cool looking
$50 to $1004.1Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 5
iBaby M3
Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 22
- WiFi

- Video

- Audio
- Tilt and pan capabilities
- For iOS devices only
- Simple design
$150 to $2004.0Your Search For The Best Baby Monitor Ends Here 5


Types of Baby Monitors


Audio Baby Monitor – This is the original version, which was introduced to the market in the 1930s. Audio monitors deliver the cries and giggles from the nursery when you are away.

These devices often use wireless interference-free signal for communication, so it can still deliver clear and pure audio signals at a long distance. As the technology develops, a great number of parents prefer to choose video baby monitors over them.

Philips AVENT ECO DECT Monitor with Temp Sensor and humidity

Video Baby Monitor – These have become the most popular these days. Usually, you can get both video and audio monitoring capacity on most of them. They utilize wireless, interference-free digital signal, too.

You can even find Wi-Fi capability on some brands, which allows you to watch over your baby via your iPhone, tablet, or other digital devices, as long as you have an internet connection. Some video monitors allow you to record video and audio feed on the apps, such as Foscam FI8910W module, so that you will never miss your baby’s first walk.

A quality internet baby monitor is a perfect tool for those who hire a nanny to look after their baby, and they can always make sure that their baby is taken care of properly when they are away.

nfant Optics DXR-8 LCD

Baby Movement Monitor – To some parents, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a serious fear. They try everything they can to lower the risk of it – keeping the temperature of the nursery comfortable, laying the baby on a firm mattress, sharing the same room with the baby, etc. However, they can do much better by using a baby monitor with motion detection functionality.

There are 2 different types of motion monitors – pad-based monitor or single unit monitor. They are sensitive enough to detect your baby’s breathing such as the Angelcare Movement Monitor. If they do not sense any movement of your baby for a certain period, there will be an vibration to rouse your infant in the first place or simply an alarm to alert you.

It can give parents some time to react quickly and take emergency measures in that case. A mother wrote her review on Amazon saying that the Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor had saved her son’s life by sending her an alert when her son stopped breathing in that breathtaking morning. And she called for help to save his life in time.

Snuza Hero

The Baby Safety Gadget of Next-generation

With the development of wearable technology, a baby monitor could do more jobs than audio, video or movement tracking. I mean it will track everything of your infant: heart rate, skin temperature, position, respiration and sleep quality via a little clip-on device attached on your little one. This way you are allowed to watch over your infant in a comprehensive way. You have few options out there for now, and the Mimo Smart Baby Monitor Starter Kit is the leader of the market. 


What Defines a Best Video Baby Monitor?


We assembled this ultimate video baby monitor guide for you because they are way more popular compared to motion and audio modules.. Below are the most important factors to consider before giving out your money.

Appearance design – The top rated baby monitors are always absorbing in appearance. They bring a modern feeling or make the room look gentle and fragrant.

Portability – The best are always portable. You can carry them along with you from the bedroom to the kitchen effortlessly. Some of them are equipped with a belt clip that will make it easy for you to mount them on the wall.

Night version mode – Most video baby monitors provide night vision mode, which enables you to supervise your child during the night without a night light.

Pan, tilt, and zoom – Pan and tilt abilities are necessary if you want to follow the exact position of your active baby in his playroom by remote control. With zoom functionality, you can get a closer view of your baby to see if there are any little objects in the crib that would put your baby at risk of choking.

Multi-Camera support – If you have more than one baby, like twins, you need to purchase a monitor that supports multiple cameras.

Two-way talk – You can soothe your baby without walking to his or her room. However, make sure to choose a secure one with this feature, because you do not want any bad guys to hack your monitor and whisper horrible things to your baby, do you?

WiFi capability – Some monitors allow you to supervise your baby via the Internet from any corner of the planet. Alternatively, you can turn most of your WiFi devices (PC, Mac, iOS, or Android devices) into video baby monitor units. WiFi Baby 2.0 is just one example of this.

Video quality – If a video monitor does not deliver quality video feed to its parent unit, then it is only as good as an audio-only monitor. A good monitor always comes with a high-resolution color LCD display and provides a clear view of the room, even in night vision mode.

Audio quality – A reliable and sensitive sound detect system is crucial because a baby monitor should alert you once there is any meaningful sound in your baby’s room. Also, you must choose a monitor with high-quality audio and no background noise, which could be very annoying.

Voice activated mode – This feature allows you to save battery power by inactivating the monitor until any sound is detected automatically.

Reception range – You might wonder what the maximum reception range between the camera and the parent unit is, and whether it is long enough for your house. Well, 400 to 500 feet is considered to be long-range. The best product in our review list turns out to be Samsung SEW-3037, which has a reception range of up to 900 feet. In practice, the reception range also depends on the material and layout of your house.

Battery life – Remember that battery life is a key feature. No one wants to charge the monitor frequently. The best video monitors can do eight to ten hours of work on a charge. The battery life could be longer if any power save modes, such as voice activation or sleep/standby mode, are available.

Thermometer – If you need to stay informed of how comfortable your baby is, thermometer functionality will be good for you. This feature might be bells and whistles to some parents, so ask yourself if you need that before making any decision.

Consumer reports – Always check out what other consumers have said about the baby monitor you are looking for (e.g., on Amazon). They can provide the most important information you want to know about that product.

After-sale Service – Finally, don’t forget to read the warranty and what service you will get after buying it. For instance, toll-free telephone numbers are often provided so that you can call for help when having any issues setting up the monitor or invoking the warranty. Normally, most brands come with a one-year warranty.

We have also compiled this tabular guide which lists out the most popular baby monitors out there in the market at the present to make it easy for you, and you can click here to see a detailed comparison chart and review of each baby monitor.


The best baby monitor always comes with advanced features that fit your preferences and connect you to your baby closely for 24 hours a day. We have compared different kinds of monitors on Amazon by using the standards above, which have determined our reviews. No matter which type of parent you are, the budget-minded or the techno-geek, you can always find a nice gadget that works best for you here. You can also head to babycenter for more tips.