Palermo Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor Review

Palermo WiFi video baby monitor

Palermo Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor Review 1Palermo Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor Review 2I have got 3 kids, and since my eldest is nearly 14, I have been using these baby monitors for a long time now!

And the incredible thing is how much technology has improved in 14 years.  When I got my very first baby monitor, it was an audio only device, and even the audio was very dim quality.  When my baby cried, it sounded more like a fire alarm going off and even now that puts jitters down my spine just to think about it!

Fortunately, we can buy much better baby monitoring devices now, and the Palermo WiFi baby monitor brings all the very best technology into one great package.

Palermo Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor

This has got to be one of the best baby monitor camera I have ever used!  The design is great, nice and compact and will not look out of place in any room.  The camera quality is fantastic, and the images are the best I have ever seen.

The best thing about this little baby monitor is that even though I don’t have any more babies at home, I can still use the camera and monitor, because it is a very versatile device, and it still comes in handy around the home.  I use it to watch my pets when they are locked inside the house during the day.  I use it to monitor the front of the house to see who is arriving at the front door, and I even use the intercom to talk to my kids at the other end of the house.

The Palermo WiFi Baby Monitor is still useful as a camera monitoring systemPalermo video best baby monitor

This device just keeps on proving its value as our family grows up!  If you wanted to get serious about monitoring your house, you can even connect multiple cameras to the same monitoring system, including smoke alarms, windows, and doors for an all in one home monitoring system.

The camera and monitor are easy to set up, and you can control the device through an app that you download onto your mobile phone, either iPhone or android.  Either way, it is ridiculously easy to control the monitoring system.  You don’t necessarily even need the instructions (which it does come with) but because the app was so simple and included all the steps I needed to follow, the set up was completed in no time.

The Palermo Baby Monitor is Palermo best video baby monitor

easy to Use and simple to set up

To operate the camera, all you need to do is select the app, and use the simple control buttons on your phone.  This is a WiFi enabled device, so you need to have a WiFi network set up in your house.  That means you can also connect up the camera streaming pictures and video through your computer, laptop, tablet or iPad.  From anywhere in your house, and even outside, you can be in complete connection with your sleeping baby, or playing toddler, or mischievous pets, or whatever you want to keep an eye on!

Full control of the Palermo Camera Settings

You can choose to zoom right in to watch those special moments, you can change the camera angle to watch every movement.  One of the great features is that you can capture those special moments and record your video and picture images whenever you like.  Better still, when you have loved ones who live too far away to visit often, you can connect up those live images and share those precious moments with distant family and friends.  The designers of the Palermo Baby Monitor have thought of everything!

Operating Features of the Palermo Video Baby Monitor:

  • Quiet to operate, so it doesn’t wake baby
  • Easy to set up, WiFi enabled
  • East to operate, with simple app and full control
  • Connects to multiple devices
  • High quality images
  • Two way intercom
  • Recording feature for video and pictures
  • Share pictures and images remotely so that you can connect with distant
  • Connect more than one camera, and keep an eye on multiple rooms
  • Connect up a whole house monitoring system

Customer Reviews:

Customer reviews are awesome for this video baby monitor – this is what people have to say about this baby monitor.

  • “The Palermo Baby Monitor suits our needs just perfectly but we couldn’t find this one in the shops, or even the speciality baby stores!  I found it was so easy to set up and use, that I actually enjoyed playing with all the buttons and features”.


  • “The range on this monitor is excellent, and I can take my smartphone outside, around the garage, and all around the house and still have a perfect view from the camera.”


  • “What you get with the Palermo Video Baby Monitor is excellent for the price, which has everything included and doesn’t cost the earth.”


  • “I find that I can sleep better at night, knowing that if my baby wakes up, I will be the firsat to know about it and I can talk her back to sleep without getting up.  But when I know she is hungry or cold, I can recognise her cries and see her on the video and I know exactly how she is feeling.  And that gives me the best feeling ever!  Thankyou Palermo.”


Palermo Video Baby Monitor Summary

Don’t forget the 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee!  That should not be taken lightly – they really mean it!

The Palermo Baby Monitor is a proudly owned and run family business, and welcome you to get in contact with them for feedback, or to resolve issues immediately they arise.  I have not had any issues, but it is very reassuring these days to know that you can buy a product online, and still have caring customer service backup when you need it.

I highly recommend the Palermo WiFi Video Baby Monitor, check out the price at Amazon.

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