Baby Monitors Are Given a Makeover By Wearable Technology

Baby Monitors Are Given a Makeover By Wearable Technology 1

Mimo Best Baby MonitorFrom Google glass to iWatch, wearable technology has come a long way and become more and more popular in real life.

Recently, a Boston company has brought the latest technology into the baby room: they applied the wearable technology to traditional baby monitors, putting a high tech makeover on them, and bringing a whole new twist to the way in which the best baby monitor technology can be used to help parents be able to watch over their precious babies.

Hamish Fitzgibbon, a 5-month-old infant, is not a good sleeper, which is the reason his mother Heather decided to give the Mimo baby monitor a try. It is a twisted onesie with green stripes that are sewn into the fabric and a little magnetized turtle.

Wearable Technology is the Best Baby Monitor

“This little gadget keeps track of everything,” said Heather, “Movement, sound, position, and body temperature, and I am able to know when he flips over to the left, right or his belly.”

With the use of the latest technology wearable baby monitor, the monitor is actually woven into the babies clothing or sleepwear, and then the movement of the baby can be detected every time the baby rolls, or fusses, or even monitored down to the regularity of breathing patterns.  The measurement of movements can then be streamed via your Wi-Fi system direct to you phone.  Parents can use their tablets or smartphones to supervise the baby instead of a traditional bedside baby monitor.

“We believe that it is a great replacement of more old-fashion baby monitors,” said Dulcie Madden, the co-founder of Mimo.

Mimo, a Boston-based company, sets its goal to offer babies more sleep. And it is much more than one night sleep. Parents are allowed to input every detail of the baby to figure out what works the best to help the baby sleep. Madden stated that the company is developing more algorithms to figure out what can help babies sleep better.

Priced to start at around $200, the Mimo wearable baby monitor is compatible with the latest iOS and Andriod devices. However, it is not perfect. Health stated that it could be slow to load the app sometimes, and the real-time information could encounter a delay, as well.

Users will get notifications on their iPhone or iPad if the baby flips over, stops breathing or catches a cough when the Mimo is working. They are also allowed to turn some notifications off if it is too much information to them. As to Heather, she only wants to receive alerts if her son fails to breathe. “It has brought me so much peace of mind.” She concluded.

Want to know how impressive this wearable baby monitor is? Wait for our product review to come.


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