Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor Review

Safety 1st Audio baby monitor

Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor Review 1Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor Review 2“Safety 1stCrystal Clear Audio Monitor

Introducing the Safety First crystal clear audio monitor. This brand new product on the market is an audio baby monitor that comes with the lowest price of all the baby monitors that are available right now.  It also offers you the reliability you need to be assured that your baby is safe and secure. The Safety 1st monitor is easy and fast to set up and comes with simple controls that are easy to adjust, and gives you the flexibility to put your baby to sleep while you can finish off all the chores around the house, whether you’re down in the kitchen or out in the garden, you will be able to hear every noise your baby makes.


What are the specifications of the Safety First Audio Baby Monitor?

  • 49 MHz analogue signal
  • 2 channels which offers you maximum flexibility to avoid interference
  • 600 feet range of audio signal
  • Audio jack for connecting earphones
  • Flexible belt attachment so that you can carry the Safety 1st audio monitor on your belt at all times


Safety comes first with Safety 1st Crystal Clear Audio Monitor Review 2“Safety 1st

There is some important safety information you need to be aware of.  This baby monitor is plugged into the nearest electrical outlet, so there is a small risk of entanglement.   Be sure to place the baby monitor unit well out of reach of babies and toddlers, and be certain that you never place the unit within reach of the baby’s bed.

The Safety 1st audio baby monitor comes with easy to read instructions, and is simple to set up correctly, to get you up and running straight away.


Safety 1st – inexpensive but it works!best baby monitor

The most obvious feature of the Safety 1st audio baby monitor is the very reasonable price.  We found that you will need to be wary that you only get what you pay for! As we have specified, this baby monitor offers audio capability only, so it is not really in the same league as the video monitors on the market.

But the good news is that it does not cost anywhere near as much as a video baby monitor either!


Look out for Interference

You also need to be aware that there is a possibility of interference with this device in your home.  Not everyone seems to have the problem, but some users report a high level of static interference with the audio system, which causes the audio to put out an element of buzzing noise over the top of the signal.  Yes, you will always be able to hear your baby’s cries through the audio signal, but the buzzing can be disconcerting at times, or for some people, an absolute turn off.

As is to be expected, while the static noise may be bearable during the day, it can become intolerable at night time. The problem here is that you cannot simply turn off the sound, because that is when you depend on the monitor the most, when you settle into bed, knowing that your little one is sleeping peacefully.  But if baby should awake, you need to know straight away, and if you have to turn off the static audio monitor, there is no point having one is there?

Safety 1st can help to solve the problem of interference

The manufacturer has provided some advice on the subject of static interference, and suggests that you can overcome the problem, depending on your individual circumstances.  Safety 1st recommends that your transmission reception and static interference may be affected by other electronic devices in your home. The manufacturer recommends that you simply try to reposition the baby monitor unit to try to improve system performance.  If this doesn’t work at the first attempt, you should try different electrical outlets in the hope that changing configuration will eliminate some of the static interference.  You could also try to change the location of the parent unit, as that can influence the amount of interference in the system also.


Be wary of other devices that you might need to plug in, or devices that can cause intermittent interference with the Safety 1st audio baby monitor such as the television, or air conditioning unit or some other similar device which is not always switched on.  Often when these types of electronic devices are located too close to the audio baby monitor, there can be electrical interference caused through the wiring system, through walls, or even through different floors of your house, depending on the floor plan of your home.

Summary of the Safety 1st Audio Baby Monitor

So all in all, you need to be aware of some issues with the performance of the Safety 1st audio baby monitor.  Sure, if you can eliminate all sources of signal interference, the device can be very reliable, and represents one of the cheapest monitors on the market.  But if you want something a little more reliable, we advise that you spend maybe a little more money, in order to achieve just a little better reassurance that your baby is safe and happy. Protection Status