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BabySense Video Baby Monitor Wireless Review

BabySense Video Baby MonitorIf you are interested to find the safest and most secure way to keep a watching and monitoring camera over you precious baby or to look after your property, then the BabySense Video Baby Monitor may be the most suitable solution to your needs.  BabySense produce a video baby monitor that is based upon a LCD video system, which will impress you for all of its safety and security features.

Benefit of the BabySense video baby monitor

That is the real benefit of the latest video technology that is available on the market these days, as the same technology that has long been available for security monitoring systems has now been converted for use in the nursery, and is available at very reasonable prices.  Likewise, the benefits of having a wireless networked system of cameras and portable monitoring devices has also become much more affordable and much more user friendly.

Rather than looking like a security camera, you can now see that the BabySense video baby monitor has been especially designed to suit any baby’s room, or child’s playroom.  You certainly do not need to feel like you have a video surveillance system inside your house!  Rather, you can feel the benefits of a safe and secure way of keeping a careful eye on your precious bundle, without bothering your sleeping baby, and especially not waking the baby unnecessarily.

BabySense video baby monitor – Easy to Use

The BabySense video baby monitor is easy to set up and easy to use.  All you need to do is to  set up the monitoring camera to connect to your home WiFi network.  One the signal has been connected, you can easily and conveniently monitor your baby on the handheld monitor, and have complete confidence that everything and everyone is safe and sound.

BabySense video baby monitor – Easy to Control

As the Babysense baby monitor was based on a remote security monitoring system, there is a simple and easy to use camera control system, which allows you to change the angle of the camera, left and right, or up and down.  Because the camera comes with a superb resolution, you can also zoom in for excellent close up monitoring.

BabySense video baby monitor – Use day or night

BabySense Video Baby Monitor

Again, because this system was designed using security system components, the Babysense video baby monitor offers excellent vision quality, both during the day and also at night time.  The system is based on a high quality motion sensor which can detect movement in complete darkness.

BabySense video baby monitor – with Motion Sensor

The motion detection system will trigger the system to commence transmission of the video system, which is then available to provide pictures to you, of whatever subject you choose to monitor.  This is a very handy alert system that has been adapted from some of the property security systems that are normally found in industrial applications.  However, you can benefit from this technology by choosing to have an motion sensor alert message sent to your phone or computer, so that as soon as the system detects movement or disturbance, you will be the first to know!

BabySense video baby monitor – with two way audio

The system comes included with a built in microphone at both the baby and parent monitor, as well as a two way audio speaker in both monitors so that you can actually transmit voice signals remotely.  The ability to be able to speak via the two way audio system is a very convenient facility, as you can often calm your baby down and help them to re settle themselves to get back off to sleep.  Alternatively, you can use the two way audio as an intercom system to speak to other family members in different parts of the house, and in particular, to check on older children, and to send messages without having to walk all around the house.

Many features akin to a security system

We like the Babysense video monitor because of the security and safety features that have been incorporated from the security industry.  Although there is no need for your baby monitor to look like an industrial surveillance system!  And the Babysense does not look any different from any other video baby monitor, and will certainly fit in perfectly with any nursery or child’s room.


With motion detectors and the baby sensor alert, the Babysense baby monitor has got you covered – click here to buy from Amazon.

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