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TimeFlys Digital Video AudioBaby Monitor Review 1

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Don’t be fooled by the term “AudioBaby” in the title of this product – the TimeFlys OT240M Digital baby monitor is definitely a video AND audio device, which is sure to offer you all the reassurance you need that your baby is sleeping happily and peacefully.


What else can the TimeFlys baby monitor do?

This awesome digital baby monitoring device provides you so much flexibility because just about everything can be controlled and adjusted remotely.  The benefit here is that you can see and hear everything that you need to be assured that your baby is sleeping soundly, and you don’t have to go inside the nursery to check or change anything which could risk waking the baby.  With the TimeFlys digital baby monitor, you have total control over the video and audio device from your parent monitor, which is right at your fingertips.

You have Full Control with a TimeFlys Baby monitor

For example, the camera is remotely controlled in all three axes, including Pan, Tilt and Roll, with a total visual range of adjustment from 350 degrees in the horizontal direction and 120 degrees vertical rotation, which is enough to cover virtually the whole room, depending on how you set it up!  With such a large range of adjustment, you can survey the baby, the cot, and the whole nursery, just by adjusting the camera, and if need a close up view, you can zoom right in on your precious little bundle just to make sure everything is okay.  The TimeFlys digital baby monitor is just perfect for babies and parents alike.

You can even monitor the Temperature!TimeFlys best baby monitor

But there is more!  You can check on the temperature in the nursery, to keep things just right, especially on those cold winter nights, you can play a quiet lullaby to help your baby fall asleep, you can change the lullaby as much as you need to for those difficult times when your baby is restless, and you can even use the two way intercom to talk to your baby for that little extra reassurance when baby needs it.

TimeFlys Video Streaming

The video is streamed direct to the high quality TFT screen on the parent monitor, which means you are always confident that baby is sleeping soundly.  Clever technology provides you with battery saving technology that closes the screen off when no baby noise has been detected for 50 seconds.  But you never have to worry whether baby is asleep or not, the TimeFlys baby monitor is always on, and always watching over your precious baby, even if you are busy doing something else.  The video system uses an state of the art Infra-red night vision recording and monitoring system that is perfectly safe for the baby, and is completely invisible, so that it will never wake or disturb your sleeping baby.

With a TimeFlys Baby Monitor, you get peace and quiet

In fact, TimeFlys baby monitor makes no sound at all in the nursery, either from the camera movement, the sensing monitor, or from the microphone.  When the battery begins to run low, a warning beep will sound at the parent monitor, but there is absolutely no need to worry that your baby will be disturbed at all.  The same happens if you move out of range between the parent unit and the nursery unit, but with a range of up to 1000 feet, you have ample range to get lots of chores done in that valuable time when baby is quiet and asleep.

Summary of the TimeFlys Baby Monitor Features:TimeFlys best baby monitor

  • The Parent unit, or receiver unit. The parent monitoring unit comprises a compact 2.4 inch full color LCD display, 2.4GHz signal, offering high quality VGA (320×480) resolution graphics.
  • The baby or nursery unit. The nursery monitoring unit comes with a full adjustable camera, featuring infrared night vision, remote control direction adjustment, as well as zoom capability.
  • The baby monitor comes with a two way intercom system and includes a very clever background noise cancelling system which works automatically to stop false alarms.
  • Help you r baby get to sleep with the built in lullaby player, which also lets you add additional lullaby music with a changeable lullaby and story player.
  • Long battery life for the baby monitoring unit provides up to 12 hours or longer when you use the camera in power saving mode.
  • Keep track of the nursery temperature on the parent unit.
  • Additional options are fantastic such as a warning when you move out of range, automatic power saving mode, and low battery warning indicator.
  • This baby monitor allows you to use not only for remote monitoring of your baby, but you could also use it to watch for visitors at the front door at the office, pet, and keep a watchful eye on elderly patients in your care, or wherever else you need a monitoring device.


TimeFlys OT240M Digital Video Baby monitor

The OT240M TimeFlys video baby monitor is a fantastic video baby monitor, which is built to be easy to use, easy to set up and constantly provides the reassurance that your baby is safe and secure.  The OT240M baby monitor is user friendly and provides a more than adequate 2.4 inch high resolution LCD display.  The monitor comes with a two way intercom system, monitors safely with an infrared night vision system that will not wake or harm your sleeping baby.

You can use this fantastic device for monitoring your baby, as well as young children, elderly patients or even your family pets, all the while allowing you the freedom to do chores or just enjoy a bit of quiet time.  With this helpful device, you won’t recognise yourself, and you can even regain some balance between you life, your work, and your precious family!



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