Foscam FI8910W Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera Review

Is It As Good As Claimed To Be ?


“Pan & tilt ability, two-way talk audio, video recording and Wi-Fi capacity at the price of $62”, can’t wait to add this Foscam FI8910W wireless camera to your cart on Amazon and pay for it?

Yes, that’s what most parents like you and me react after reading all the sales pitch online, and it seems that other WiFi baby monitor manufacturers like Dropcam or WiFi Baby will go through some tough days because of the uncomparable price. But wait a minute, it is really that good? Please read our review before making your decision.


Main Benefits Of The Foscam FI8910W

1) It Goes With All Kinds of Devices

You might be surprised how many types of computers you can watch live video feed on – iOS devices, Android Phone, tablet or PC. Just like some high-end wifi baby monitors, it is also compatible with different network – Wi-Fi, 4G and LTE, so that you can check in on your little ones no matter where you are.

2) You Can Follow Where Your Toddler Is

It is a bit amazing that you can get pan/tilt control ability (Tilt:120° & Pan:300°) at such a low price. Basically, this is kind of a advanced feature which is only seen on pricey video baby monitors. This way you are able to obverse the entire room via the iPhone app.

3) You Can Response to Your Baby Monitor Via It

It is another nice feature that we appreciate. It also comes with built-in speaker, which is what WiFi Baby 3 doesn’t have. It allows you remotely lull your baby to sleep or comfort him or her when you are needed at night in the first place.

4) Blue Iris Software Offers You More Advanced Features

If you’ve got another special needs for video recording, you could buy a separated software called Blue Iris. With this software, the existing built-in firmware will be enhanced by the capacities to receive alarms by sms/text message or email. The crazy part is that you can record and view up to 64 cameras at a time, which is kind of bells and whites, though.

5) You Will Be Alerted When Your Baby Wakes Up And Moves

This is an innovative feature to monitor your sleeping baby or keep your house safe. After you place the camera and set up the alert option (email or FTP), you will be alerted when your sleeping baby awakes and starts to move around or when you get some unexpected visits.

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Other Features of the Foscam FI8910W

  • Good return policy.
  • You can see up to 26 feet in complete darkness in night vision mode.
  • It even fits into outdoor use as long as you keep it away from the rain drop.
  • An IR-cut off filter ensures that you get accurate and true colors of the video in daytime.
  • It supports three types of encryption – WEP ,WPA and WPA2
  • If you are not satisfied with the audio quality, you can output the audio to a better speaker by using the audio jack.
  • Foscam has efficient and friendly technological support to help you fix any issue, though they will probably ask you to write some positive reviews on Amazon for them after the service.


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Cons of Foscam FI8910W

All of the features above sounds nice, right? But there are some drawbacks also.

  • It is not easy to set up, which is annoying to many users. You need to get some networking knowledge like port-forwarding to make it work, though the customer support is there to help you out anytime.
  • According to some customers, the audio is kind of crap and the image is a bit low resolution. But basically, you can see and hear what is going on there. And again, it is not wise to expect superior video and audio feed at a price of $60, right?
  • There is also a manufacturing defect which is not easy to find out. If you point this Foscam FI8910W camera to a scene where there is too much detail such as grass, trees, window screen, houses, wood grain, etc, this defect will be triggered by either displaying black, rebooting or freezing. Foscam has not officially admitted this issue so far, but a small group of users did report this issue in a product forum


Final Thought

All in all, this Foscam FI8910W wireless baby monitor camera is a super cost effective and versatile baby monitoring gadget despite the hardware defect we mentioned above. What it is capable of at this price is quite impressive, and it is worth a shot if you are on a budget.


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3 Responses to “Foscam FI8910W Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera Review”

  1. Elizabeth

    Sep 12. 2014

    I got this one for more than half a year. Haven’t seen that hardware flaw so far. Given the death cheap price, I’m pretty satisfied with the quality.

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  2. Brian Mooney

    Oct 15. 2014

    Just bought it after reading all the good reviews around. It works okay so far, though I thought I could waste my money on a cheap crap from China.

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  3. Db9typer

    Oct 21. 2014

    A quality wifi cam that works okay for me at a dead cheap price! Nothing to complain about except for the ugly shape

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