Top 5 Reasons Why Your Baby Cries

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Baby Cries 1

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Okay Babies do Cry!

Crying is the only way of the babies to express their feeling – fear, hunger, pain and more. So it is so important to figure out the reasons they cry before you can stop it. Here is a list that gives the reasons why they cry. Work your way down the list of potential problems, and that is usually the best way to figure out what is wrong!

If you get to the bottom of the list, and the crying still hasn’t stopped – start from the top again!  Ironically, even if you start with a clean diaper, by the time your work your way down the list, you can bet the diaper will need to be changed again!


Here is the list of Top 5 Reasons why Your Baby Cries

1. Babies get Hungry!

Just like adults, one of the most important things in a babies’ life is the need for food!

That is why I put it right at the top as number 1 priority!  It might be the first thing you need to check out. You need to learn the signs of hunger that a baby will begin to display around meal time, such as rooting, finger in the mouth, general fussing around, etc.  As you get to recognize these signs, you will become more and more confident in being able to settle your baby easiest, especially if you are able to feed him before he starts to cry.  If you and baby are calm and relaxed, the feeding time will be much more relaxed, and the baby will feed until completely full, so that you won’t have to worry about that hungry little tummy until next feed time!

The best way to predict this is to set yourself a timer after completing a feed, and depending on the age of your baby, set the time to remind you when the next feed time comes around, so that when the fussing starts again, you better know that hunger pains are about to hit again!  Those hunger pangs do seem to hit very frequently when you are just a little baby.

Use your baby monitor to let you know when the first signs of wakefulness, or hunger pangs arrive!

2. Need to Change the diaper

Some babies will tolerate a soiled diaper for a while, but others will cry for a diaper change when it gets wet or dirty. Anyway, it is an easy step to check.

No – I will not discuss any more details here – you know what you have to do!


3.  He or she gets sleepy

Many adults might be jealous of babies since they could sleep at will – anytime and anywhere. However, it might not be entirely true. Instead of dozing off, they tend to cry and fuss before they fall asleep.

This might be counter intuitive for many of us, but it is true.  The more tired you baby gets, the more agitated, the more fussy, and the more upset they can become.

And here is the tricky part, you have to know when to leave them to settle back to sleep by themselves.  Obviously, once they are fully awake, they might need someone to help them settle again, or start the checklist from the top again…  But if they are only stirring in their sleep, then this is perfectly normal, and if you keep going into the room to check on them, they will actually keep on waking up so that keep on coming in to see them!  This is a vicious cycle that you should try to avoid!  Both for the baby to get a better sleep and for your own sanity.

So I recommend that you use a baby monitor instead, and the best baby monitor to use is a video monitor so that you can check what type of disturbance is going on.  For example, if your baby is just stirring a little, and it is not time for a feed yet – don’t wake them up!  Just keep an eye on the monitor and see whether he or she will re-settle by themselves.

Have a look at some of the best baby monitors on the market – Click Here to read our reviews.

4.  He or She Needs a hug

Okay, you have tried the stand back and wait technique, and you have tried to feed them, and you have changed the diaper, even if it didn’t really need it, and they are still fussing.

Cuddling is what babies love. It is reassuring for them to be close to their parents – hearing their voice, seeing their faces and feeling their heartbeats. He or She might cry when needing a close hug.

5. He doesn’t feel well in the tummy

Lots of crying is caused by tummy troubles like colic and gas. A baby might suffer tummy pain if he often cries after being fed. A lot of parents like to use water for the baby or anti-gas drops. It is okay, but always ask your pediatrician for advice before using those medicines, or if your baby will not settle.