Do You Use Your Baby Monitor Properly?

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A baby monitor is a ‘must-have’ item to lots of parents, including us. We have heard about both the good and bay stories about baby monitors. Injury prevention is the most important thing to many parents. Those who got a baby monitor in hand shall learn some tips to safely use it to keep the baby away from the potential danger brought by baby monitors. The CPSC had reported several deaths and injuries caused by the improper use of baby monitors since 2002. Yes, baby monitors can be dangerous if the parents don’t use them properly.

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Simple ways to use a baby monitor properly

Keeping the baby monitor at least 3 feet away from crib is the first thing to keep in mind. That roughly equals to the width of the crib plus 6 inches. Keep the baby monitor tuck in the cords and far away, so tiny little babies won’t even want to play with them. Don’t put the baby monitor on the edge of or inside a crib. Check the areas where the baby plays, eats and sleeps.

This is the most important safety aspect – a baby can inadvertently pull on cables and get caught up in a tangle – that is very dangerous, and therefore there is not much point in using a baby monitor for safety reasons, and then introducing a risk that wasn’t there before.  Just make sure we make safety the number one priority!  The  best baby monitors on the market are designed to pick up the faintest sounds and are very sensitive instruments, so there is no need to put is right next to the crib anyway!

Other tips

Be sure that household medications and cleaners are locked and out of reach. Following these tips shall be a priority as soon as your little baby meets a brand new milestone. To be 6 months ahead of your little baby is a popular rule of thumb, safety-wise.  That has always been the biggest surprise to me while watching my little ones grow up!  How fast they grow!  One minute they can barely move around by themselves and the next minute they can stand up and reach things on top of shelves and cupboards.  Make sure you have secured things out of reach of toddler height!

Immediately check the positions of all the products that come with cords and cables and strings to make sure the cords are beyond your baby’s reach, including those mountable items.

  1. If your baby can roll over. Lie on your stomach and see the world from your baby’s eyes. You might pick up some details that you tend to ignore.
  2. If your baby can sit up. Great! Repeat the step above.
  3. If your baby can crawl, walk or run. Take him to a crawl and view the world in their eyes.
  4. But be warned, they will move to the next growth stage faster than you realize!

Be sure to remove any dangerous factors in their environment. Kids can usually reach the items beyond our expectation and consequently get hurt.

However, we still recommend the best baby monitors as safe and secure for you to use, and actually we believe there are many safety benefits in using a baby monitor so that you know your baby is happy and healthy even when you are busy chores around the house!

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How is your experience with your baby monitor? Is there anything else you think is important to keep the baby safe? Please leave a comment and let us hear your voice.