Wireless Vs Wired – Which Type Do You Prefer?

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There are two types of baby monitors – the wireless and the wired. It is essential to know the difference between them so that you can make the right choice for your infant. I will walk you through both of the upsides and downsides of them in this article, so you will get the idea of which type is the best baby monitor to meet your individual requirements.

Why Do People Choose Wired Baby Monitors?

As the name implies, the main components of a wired baby monitor are connected together via an electrical cord. There is no chance for it to interfere with other household wireless devices such as cordless phones and wireless routers, which might be the main reason people choose it.

However, it will limit the versatility of the parent unit in terms of where you can see and hear the receiver signals. You can only place it in a fixed position rather than carry it along freely, because it is not a mobile device.  You will also have to take the installation issues into account as the wiring needs to be installed between the nursery and the parents device, which is going to be a very important decision to make!

How About the Wireless Baby Monitor?

Obviously, wireless baby monitors are more flexible and portable, which makes them a popular choice for the best baby monitors. There is no installation involved, and you can set it up in few minutes. You can move it around the house freely as you can put the parent unit in a pocket or clip it to the belt. You can always stay connected with your baby visually or audibly as long as you are in range. The main downside is the interference with other wireless household items like cordless phones or wireless routers. The best baby monitors allow you to choose between different frequencies to reduce interference. However, by tapping into the advanced technology, DECT or digital baby monitors have kissed that problem goodbye. Normally, digital baby monitors offer much clearer sound than analog monitors.

The most fantastic innovation which has been incorporated into all of the best baby monitors is being able to stream the audio and video directly to your smartphone!  Now that is a fantastic use of modern technology, because it doesn’t get any more portable or convenient than just checking on your baby with a click of a button, and then you can keep on doing whatever you need to get done.

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The Best Baby Monitors Use WiFi

And the good things don’t stop there!  While you are in range of your household WiFi, your smartphone only needs to be connected to the WiFi to remain connected to the baby monitor system, so you don’t have to incur any phone charges or data usage issues on your phone, you can just stay connected automatically to the WiFi connection.

Wireless Vs Wired - Which Type Do You Prefer? 2

The last concern is the reception range between the parent unit and the transmitter. Most baby monitors come with a range of at least 100 feet through obstructions, which should be enough for most families. Remember that the range also depends on the layout and the materials of your house.

So which one is your type? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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