AngelCare AC401 Baby Movement and Sound Monitor Review

AngelCare AC401 Baby Movement and Sound Monitor Review 1

angelcare movement best baby monitor reviewAngelcare is well known by its seriously amazing baby monitors. The AngelCare AC401 baby movement and sound monitor is a popular product that detects the movements of the sleeping baby. It will alert you once something unusual happens to your baby. In fact, it is sensitive enough to detect the baby’s breathing.

Lower the risk of SIDS

Well, the most important reason for us to recommend the Angelcare movement monitor is to help some parents remove the worry of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome which has become a serious threat to them. They do everything to avoid that: keep the temperature comfortable, put the baby on his back, keep the blankets from covering the baby’s face, etc. But they can do much better with a baby movement monitor.

The selling point of Angelcare AC401

Obviously, the movement sensor is the biggest selling point of this baby monitor. It comes with a sensor pad which is placed under the mattress of the crib. There will be an alarm from the parent unit to alert you once no movement is sensed by the pad for 20 seconds. To get the best detection sensitivity level for your baby’s natural movement, you need to adjust the sensitivity of the motion detector pad and do some test first, which also reduces the chance of false alarms.


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It also deliver clear sound clarity

In addition, it’s also a great audio monitor with clear sound clarity and you can see the sound of the baby by the sound lights on it. A maximum 820-foot range of it is really impressive and an out of range indicator will tell you if you are still connected. But remember that the signal range will be effected by the material and the layout of your house, it usually can’t actually reach 820 feet indoor.

It is very convenient to read the information you need on the easy-to-read screen of the parent unit – sound lights, room temperature and various settings. And the parent unit is very portable, so you can carry it along with you for peace of mind no matter what you are doing.

Is the nursery too cold or too hot?

The baby’s safety when sleeping alone would be the greatest concern for parents. In addition to the motion detection, the AC401 baby monitor comes with a thermometer that measure the temperature in baby’s room. And the parent unit will alert you when the room is too cold or too hot.

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Other nice features

Both of nursery and parent units can work on AC adaptors or batteries. When the power fails, the unit will automatically convert to the battery power, which is nice on a stormy night. Plus, you will be alerted by a low-battery indicator on the monitor when it’s time to charge.

You can choose between continuous sound reception and voice activation mode in which only a sound above a certain level in your baby’s room can activate the monitor.

If you don’t want to be frighten by the baby’s sudden shrill cry in the night, you can turn the monitor to the vibration mode which will generate much softer alerts when any meaningful sound is detected in your baby’s room.



  • It misses video monitoring capability. You can check out the Angelcare AC1100 Baby Video and Movement Baby Monitor System if you need both motion and video monitoring.
  • Item It could make false alarms sometimes, but you can adjust the sensitivity to a proper level to reduce that.
  • There will be temperature display on the parent unit only when a change in temperature is detected by the thermometer. So it might take a while to read the right temperature.



The outstanding motion detector feature and quality audio monitoring makes it one of the best baby monitors at this price point on Amazon and it comes with a 1 year warranty. If SIDS is a big threat for you, the Angelcare AC401 is definitely your best option. So how do you think about it? Is it a best baby monitor to you?


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