What Is SIDS And How to Prevent It?

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, which is commonly known as SIDS, is the sudden death of an infant who is under 12 months old. Most of time, it happens during an infant’s sleep in the crib, so people also call it “crib death”.

What Are Some Of The Potential Causes Of It?

Things like living environment, individual and family medical history are considered to be contributors to SIDS.  But the causes and risks are usually very difficult to determine as there is such a trauma surrounding the events of a SIDS accident, that sometimes the actual causes are not well known.  People always need a thorough investigation to make the ruling of sudden Infant Death Syndrome to eliminate the possibility of accidents, medical conditions or abuse.  SIDS is caused by combination of causal factors rather than one single cause.

When are Babies at the Highest Risk for SIDS?

Usually, infants between 2 – 5 months are the main victims. Ethnicity seems to come into play, but these causal factors are not totally understood, and we all stand to benefit from following some basic advice, and taking note of the latest medical recommendations.  The other factors include but not limited to poor prenatal care, maternal age, overheating in the crib and the baby sleeping on his or her stomach.

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How to Lower The Risk Of SIDS?

Monitoring the way your baby sleeps is one important step. It is way much better and safer for a baby to sleep on his or her back than stomach. It helps prevent air suffocation and restriction. In some cases, if babies who have gastroesophageal reflux disease could be allowed to sleep on their stomachs, but always consult with your pediatrician before making any decision. You should dress your infant in light clothing when sleeping and keep the nursery comfortably cool. Firm mattress should be used rather than soft one. Never place any bumper pads or pillows on the crib. It is always important for the mothers to get proper prenatal care to ensure the best health of them and their babies. You can always stop some problems from developing by regular check-ups after birth.

So the best way that we can make that our baby is safe and sleeping comfortably is to have a one of the best baby monitors that you can afford, and keep the nursery under your watchful eye!

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What Other Advice should you follow to Avoid SIDS?

I highly recommend that you observe the latest medical advice that there is no safe level of drinking, drugs or smoking during pregnancy.  The developing baby is too precious and too easily affected by poisonous chemicals that we just don’t understand the effect on growth and development.  Sometimes these chemicals have an affect on the baby after birth, so we just don’t need to cause health problems for ourselves or a babies.

After the baby is born, keep him or her away from any smoke as possible as you can. Breastfeeding your baby is strongly recommended by the medial profession, especially after birth, and also for as long as possible as you can. Numerous studies have shown that avoiding smoking and other drugs, as well as breastfeeding your baby for as long as you can manage it can reduce the risk of SIDS. Share the room with the baby but not the bed.

And our best advice – using a baby monitor is always a good idea!

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