Samsung SEW-3036W Wireless Baby Monitor Review

Samsung SEW-3036W Wireless Baby Monitor Review 1

Samsung SEW-3036W Wireless Baby Monitor Review 2Samsung SEW-3036W Wireless Baby Monitor Review 3
The Samsung SEW-3036W Baby Monitor is a nice option for your house. It is a fashionable monitor that has many cool features. Here in this review, we will give you a detailed description of its several best features while also pointing out its shortcomings so that you can have a better understanding whether it’s suitable for you to buy.


Features of the Samsung SEW-3036W

The Samsung Video Baby Monitor obviously has the most fashionable appearance design among the traditional baby monitors we’ve ever reviewed. It comes with modern look while dropping a hint of nostalgic feeling. It’d be cool to have a nice-looking baby monitor in the living room or kitchen, so is the camera. It won’t be disagreeable to the eyes in baby’s room because of its cute profile.

The manufacturer declares that the wireless communication range is up to 900 feet, which is a surprisingly extraordinary data among the best baby monitors we’ve ever seen, but not including those relying on Wi-Fi to work. It can’t literally reach 900 feet, though. Especially in crowed environment.

Audio & Video Quality

The image clarity is just excellent. It does offer super VGA resolution (640×480) on its 3.5 inch color LCD. Considering its larger screen, it may lose some resolution but still good enough to give HD pictures of your baby. The digital audio with barely noise is clear and pure, though not as good as some competitors like the Summer Infant. The background noise is filtered by the monitor, so there won’t be any clicking noise to annoy you when the baby room is quite.

Samsung SEW-3036W Wireless Baby Monitor Review 4Samsung SEW-3036W Wireless Baby Monitor Review 3Functionality

The Samsung SEW-3036W provides some nice extra features that may be useful for you. Like other monitors, it’s expandable to supervise 4 cameras simultaneously. Just buy another individual camera and it’s quite easy to set up.

It will automatically switch to the night vision mode when the room becomes dark enough, which helps users to see the baby in complete darkness without any light source. It’s a great feature to help watch over your baby during the night. And it provides up to 15 feet visual range under this mode.

With a built-in microphone in the monitor it offers two-way talk function that becomes more and more popular in both traditional and high-end baby monitors and that we really appreciate a lot. With the help of it, the baby will always feel safe by knowing that you are there for him whenever he needs you.

Furthermore, an optional VOX mode is available, in which the monitor will reduce power consumption by automatically shutting down the video display when no threshold of sound is detected within 1 minute by the camera. This is a great feature loved by many parents, because it expands the battery life and help save the trouble of charging frequently. And there won’t be any vibration or beep to annoy you when it wakes up from VOX mode.




  • There is no thermometer module on it to tell the real temperature of the baby’s room on this monitor.
  • There are a few complaints saying that sometimes the monitor goes out of the range suddenly and then recover for no reason.
  • The signal starts to go bad once there are more than 4 rooms away.



The Samsung SEW-3037W Baby Monitor is undoubtedly a great monitor at a high but reasonable price. It’s a glamorous and simple design with high quality basic function. Samsung is well known as a great manufacturer with high resolution display technology throughout the PC industry. It stays the same when it comes to baby monitors. Some extra features is impressive, either. If you are seeking a high-end and cost effective baby monitor, you should take a serious look at it. You can visit Amazon to learn more real customer reviews if you have any interest in it.


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