Withings Smart Baby Monitor Review

Withings Smart Baby Monitor

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What we liked about the Withings Video Baby Monitor

  • This is a bundled package for all your baby monitoring needs
  • Loads of useful features
  • Compatible with your Apple or Android devices
  • Support Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection
  • Easy to set up
  • Access to all features including noise & motion detection
  • HD live video streaming
  • Air quality measurement
  • Two-way talk capability, so that you can soothe your baby!
  • Night Vision
  • Sleep assist lighting
  • Lullaby musical accompaniment
  • Modern and friendly design that will suit any modern decor
  • also includes two additional covers (pink & blue) to complement either boy or girl bedroom.



  • Image might be interfered by the base
  • There could be issues in connection


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Crystal Clear Video and Audio

All you need to make the Withings Video Baby Monitor work for you is to connect it directly to your smartphone for a live connect from anywhere in your house.  You get secure, crystal clear video of your baby’s room streaming live to your phone, whenever and wherever you need to check in with your baby. The Withings Video Baby Monitor features 12 times zoom with a 135 degree wide angle lens and high-quality night vision so you never need to worry about missing out on that special moment.

Connection of Withings Video Baby Monitor

There are several ways to connect the Withings Smart cam to the monitor unit:  use your cellular data network, Wi-Fi network, Bluetooth or Ethernet. It is super versatile on this part, but there were complaints from the users about the Android/iOS app bugs and dropped connections. Despite this issue, many customers report that the overall picture quality is crystal clear, and the image delay time is very short. There are few complaints about the sound quality as it is pure and clear according to the reviews. However, the night vision mode could be brighter to see things more clearly in the dark, which is not a deal breaker, though.

It Is Ease to use

It is pretty easy to set up and use as claimed to be. You don’t need to be a technophile to get it work. You can choose between two modes to monitor your baby: continuously monitoring and getting alerts and notifications when movement, noise or other event occurs. Those who’ve got toddlers crawling all around the room wish they could remotely pan or tilt the cam to get more angle of view.

If you want to place the cam above the crib, you might need to tinker with positioning as the image could be interfered by the base. You can also connect the cam to a crib rail with the original clip, though it is not recommended as you would put your infant in a safety risk. It comes with a rechargeable battery which sucks as it only lasts less than 2 hours on a charge.


Lifestyle Benefits of the Withings Video Baby Monitor

With the Withings Video Baby Monitor Cam, you are able to supervise your baby anywhere via Wi-Fi connection or cellular data networks. The unlimited remote monitoring service is free now, though Withings used to charge a fee for it, or you can just use your Wi-Fi service. It is a handy feature for a family and an extra caregiver as 3 users are allowed to watch over the baby online at the same time. The Withings Smart serves as a great travel monitor since no local Wi-Fi channel is required. It also comes with bells and whistles: an intercom, seven lullabies, a night-light that has different colors to choose from.

Verdict of the Withings Video Baby Monitor

As one of the most expensive and versatile monitoring devices out there, the Withings Video Baby Monitor offers you the ability to check in on your little one on your Apple or Android device from anywhere. We like the easy-to-use operation via an Android or iOS app and other bells and whistles such as customizable alerts. Though there are some connection issues reported by the customers, parents do love it when it works well.

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