The BabyPing WiFi Baby Monitor Review

The BabyPing WiFi Baby Monitor Review 1

The BabyPing Baby Monitor is a cool monitor with simple design. It provides the capability for you to monitor your baby through your iPhone or iPad, like other Wi-Fi-enabled monitors do. But if you decide to buy it, you’d better read this review first to avoid regret.

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Cool and Creative Features

It includes great features like remote monitoring your baby wherever you are in the whole world and snapshot capabilities, which might be the best part of it.

Nevertheless, there are several features that it doesn’t have and that are being more and more common for the high-end baby video monitors, such as thermometer and two-way audio communication. It also doesn’t support Android devices while some other wifi-enabled monitors do. So it limits you to iOS devices only.

The original app offered by the manufacturer only can be used for local monitoring. It sucks, right? But relax, you can download a free BabyPing app that allows you to watch over your baby from any place around the world. And it’s completely free to use. If you want, you can also invite your family or friends to get free access to the baby via the app. And there won’t be any restriction on time, either.

Accessibility of Ethernet to download the app is needed before setting up this device. A simple 6 steps are needed. If you want, you can follow a tutorial which is optional. Then you’re able to run the app via Wi-fi. A physical Ethernet interface is a good option if you can’t get access to Wi-Fi for any reasons.

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It offers quality audio and video clarity. The microphone is sensitive enough to hear any meaningful sound from the baby’s room while filtering any noise. And it has a camera with high resolution to help you see everything clearly out there. When the room is dark enough, it will automatically enter night vision mode. It emits infrared ray which can only be seem by the camera, so it helps you see exactly what is going on with your baby without disturbing him with a night light.

Though it works on Wi-Fi, only a little internet bandwidth is taken. User can barely feel a drop when surfing the web during but sometimes you might lose the connection.

Another good feature that impresses us is multiple alerts option. You can turn it to vibration or silence mode via the app when it receives a baby cry so that you can be informed without annoying other people in the room.


You won’t be able to pan, tilt or zoom this monitor by remote control or do it by hand, because it’s fixed-lens. There would be trouble for you to keep up with your baby who gets more and more mischievous as he grows. But you can mount it on the wall to have a good and wide angle to watch over your baby in the crib or the whole room, as it has wall mount capability.

Besides, the connection is very unstable and the customer service is not as good as it claimed to be.


In some ways, the BabyPing baby video monitor is in the lead of the market, while not that good on some other sides. The Wi-Fi connectivity does make it extremely helpful and well worth the money for those parents who want to see their baby at any moment even they’re far away from their sweeties.

While this baby monitor may not be for you due to its lack of the capability of panning, tilting, zooming or talking to your baby through remote control, if these features are important to you.

It has received many negative reviews on Amazon. Users complained its terrible connection, unstable app and unresponsive support. The hardware is great, but the company really needs to improve user experience of the software. Personally, I would suggest you to stay away from it. Take a look at other Wi-Fi cams in our list.



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