VTech DM271-110 SafenSound Baby Monitor

VTech DM271-110 best baby monitor

VTech DM271-110 SafenSound Baby Monitor 1VTech DM271-110 SafenSound Baby Monitor 2VTech DM271-110 SafenSound Digital Audio Baby Monitor

SafenSound have released the latest VTech DM217-110 audio Baby Monitor, and you will just love all of the latest features and benefits that the latest device offers to keep you and your baby safe and sound.

To make sure that you can put safely put your baby to bed and go about doing your chores around the house, you can now be assured that all is well by simply plugging in one a VTech DM271 and have nothing to worry about.  When baby stirs or fusses, there is no need to go rushing to the door or even trying to peer inside to make sure all is well.  All you need to do is listen to your baby monitor, and if baby manages to resettle by themselves, then you will know by the peace and quiet!

If baby is fully awake and ready for a feed or a play, then you will also be very clear about what is going on.  With the VTech DM271-110, there is no need for doubt and there is no need to worry.

But what you don’t need to do is go in to check on your baby every 5 minutes.  There is no need to wake a sleeping baby, so going in to check all the time is only going to keep your baby awake and alert waiting for you to appear at the door again.  The best way to settle your baby is to comfort them as much as necessary, and then simply turn on the lullaby music, which has been cleverly designed into the SafenSound baby monitor or turn on the very peaceful night light, and help your baby to fall asleep naturally and peacefully.  This is the best way for both Parents and baby!

Best Features of the VTech DM271-110 Baby Monitor

  • You will be able to listen to every sound your baby makes over the secure and private DECT 6.0 audio connection
  • The DECT 6.0 is safe and secure, and you can relax in comfort knowing that no one can tune into your secure channel
  • Safeguard your child and your house by setting motion sensor alerts on doors, cupboards, stairways or anywhere else you want to keep safe and protected
  • Use the baby monitor unit as a sleep assist device, with its unique night light that projects the night sky onto the ceiling to soothe your precious little one
  • The VTech DM271-110 can be easily adjusted to suit your house and your individual requirements
  • The DM271-110 also helps get you little one off to sleep as peacefully as possible with a gentle lullaby that will play automatically in the nursery
  • Another great feature of this fantastic device is the talk back intercom, with up to 1,000 feet range from the nursery where the baby monitor is, back to the parent unit.

VTech DM271-110 best baby monitor


The VTech DM271-110 comes with two sensors devices featuring the DECT 6.0 Digital Audio secure sound sensors.  This clever design makes sure that you get the clearest signal for easy listening to your baby, and you can even use the two way intercom system to communicate with your baby to help them re-settle and get back to peaceful sleep.

You can adjust the system to suit your individual requirements of your house, your nursery, and whatever other settings you choose.  You can set up the nursery monitor in the most suitable location, and of course you can carry the parent monitor with you wherever you move around the house using the very handy belt clip.  No problems with trying to find where you have left the monitor, simply carry it around with you!

What we like about the Vtech DM271-110 Baby Monitor – volume indicator lights

The VTech DM271 comes with a very intelligent volume indicator, so that you use the monitor in muted mode, and still be able to see rather than hear, what is happening inside your baby’s bedroom.  What this means is that a light indicator is set up in the parent monitor so that in muted mode you can visually see what the noise level is inside the nursery.  Better still, the VTech DM271-110 even has a vibrate mode, so that the parent monitor gives a gently buzz to alert you when baby is wakeful.  Now that is a clever design, and just what parents need!


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