VTech DM221 Safe and Sound Digital Audio Monitor Review

The VTech Communications Safe and Sound Digital audio monitor

The VTech DM221 Communications Safe and Sound Digital audio baby monitor is a low cost but quality device that allows you to hear any meaningful noise from the baby room.  You don’t get annoying static or feedback from other wireless devices in the house because the device uses digital transmission.  The other critical thing about this device and this type of transmission is that the DECT technology transmits a secure, encrypted signal so no one else can hear your baby through the air waves – only you.  This is the same technology as is used with cordless telephones and cordless doorbells.

It has a range of 1000 ft (about 300m) so you can probably even go outside and be in hearing range.  That’s often the type of activity that causes the most anxiety – you can’t normally even pop to the mail box & back for fear of returning to a screaming baby!  With this device, you’ll hear if they wake up and can scoot back before they get to the distressed stage.

There is a choice of options for being alerted to baby noises. It can be set to vibrate, to emit a sound alert, or to hear the sound the baby is making.

There are clips on the parent unit, with which you can use to clip the monitor unit onto your belt or pocket, so that you can carry it around the house with ease and keep your hands free.

The VTech Communications Safe and Sound Digital audio monitor

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It comes with a two-way talk feature which is great as you can talk to your little one from another room. Together with the super long reception range that is up to 1000ft, you will be able to comfort your baby in the first place from anywhere indoors in case he/she is distressed.

The rechargeable battery offers you a backup of up to 18 hours, which means that you can walk with it all day long on a charge without the monitor unit going down.

You can also learn the noise level from the nursery via the 5-level LED lights, or, it will generate a vibration to silently alert you.

The top loop, or handle, on the device glows in the dark, so can doubles as a night light, which can be an advantage, although some parents mightn’t be a fan of that feature.


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Main Features of the VTech DM221

  • Useful Nightlight During the night
  • Black and White LCD Display
  • A Belt Clip to attach it to your pocket
  • Rechargeable Battery and AC Adapters included
  • UP to 120 channels to reduce interference
  • DECT 6.0 technology eliminates white noise, and offers crystal clear transmission
  • DECT encrypted technology ensures a secure transmission to protect your privacy
  • Reception Range: 1000 feet
  • One Year Warranty
  • Low Battery Alert
  • Two-way communication
  • Sound or vibration alert
  • Simplicity – easily operated

Any Cons of the VTech DM221?

  • According to some reviews, the battery life is not as good as claimed to be, which means that you might only get 10 hours of usage on a charge
  • You might need to carry the monitor unit all the time as volume of it is not very loud
  • The transmission unit – the unit that stays with the baby – does not have the option to run on batteries. It’s corded and needs to be plugged into the wall.  So in the case of power outages, or the baby, say, having a sleep in an outdoor spot with no power access, this isn’t going to work

Verdict: VTech DM221

Looking at the overall ratings given by users on Amazon, where 69% of reviews give a 4 or 5 star rating, we think this isn’t a bad result.  If 3 stars could be considered ‘neutral’, then only 10% of reviewers are sitting on the fence, so to speak.  But you’re not going to please everyone all the time, so overall, we think this is a good result for this device.  Keep in mind too, that there are ratings from thousands of customers on Amazon!  That’s a lot of purchases, so it is obviously one of the most purchased and popular audio monitors at this price range. It helps monitor your little ones even if you’ve got vital activities or any homework to take care of. Given the overall quality and highly affordable price, the VTech Communications Safe&Sound Digital audio baby monitor comes high on our list of recommendations.

Not Just for Babies

Some people have reported even using this unit to care for elderly parents or ill/infirm family members  in other rooms of the house so they can go about their day, but still be present, in contact and reassuring to their charge.  Some have reported that the unit has even been used for the lambs in the barn in lambing season!  Who would have thought!

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