Vtech VM312-2 SafenSound Video Baby Monitor Review

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Vtech VM312-2 SafenSound Video Baby Monitor Review 1Vtech VM312-2 SafenSound Video Baby Monitor Review 2

Do you want a Video Baby Monitor that brings you the latest in digital video monitoring technology, secure and clear vision both day and night, and do you want the flexibility to be able to watch over the nursery, as well as the playroom at the flick of a switch?

The VTech VM312-2 SafenSound  video baby monitor has exactly what you want!

The VM312-2 comes with two camera monitoring units, which means it instantly stands out from the competition.  With two separate camera units you can easily set up two monitoring zones, and manage your family wherever they might be around the house.  For example, you can set up one camera to monitor the nursery for when your baby is sleeping, and the second camera can be used to monitor the playroom, so that you can easily and quickly switch over to watch over your toddler, or you can switch cameras depending on wherever your children move to.

Even more remarkable is that the parent monitor unit can support extra camera signals, up to a total of 4 separate cameras that you can set up inside or outside around your home for complete coverage.  And all you have to do is switch between cameras with the click of a button on your parent control monitor, and you can simply and easily keep an eye on the whole family.  Rest assured, the SafenSound VM312-2 has got your family covered!

No matter what the circumstances, you can be in total control over your home and children using the fantastic SafenSound VM312-2 video baby monitor.  You will never miss a moment with this dual camera, high resolution monitoring system.  The parent monitor comes with a 2 inch full color video screen, so that you can see every detail.  No matter whether day time or night time, the VM312-2 provides clear and precise video in both visual light conditions as well as infra-red technology for low light levels.  The video system is automatic, so you don’t need to do a thing, the system will automatically switch from visual to infra-red vision, meaning you always get the detail you need to know your baby is safe and secure.


The VTech VM312-2 SafenSound  Product Features:

  • Comes with 2 camera units, with scope for 2 additional camera units
  • Automatic night vision system
  • High definition resolution 2″ color LCD screen
  • Digital transmission at 2.4GHz with data encryption for safe and secure signals
  • Excellent range for audio and video signals of approximately 300 metres
  • Two way intercom system so that you can not only hear your baby, but you can also comfort your baby with the sound of your voice
  • The parent monitor has a mute mode so that the noise doesn’t wake the rest of the family at night time.
  • The parent monitor has a series of sound indicator lights so that you can see when your baby is stirring, or has woken or needs your attention
  • Flexible mounting system, which can be attached to the wall, or on top of furniture, or wherever you can get the perfect viewing arrangement

What we like about the VTech V312-2:

The SafenSound Vtech VM312-2 video baby monitor provides you with excellent video images and crystal clear sound.  No worries about getting out of range, because the parent unit has a warning chime before you get too far away.  Don’t worry that the battery will run out in the middle of the night, the unit will warn you before the problem occurs.  In fact, with this video baby monitor, all of your worries have been taken away!  The VTech Vm312-2 is like a breath of fresh air compared to the old technology.

With all of these fantastic features, and the ability to link with additional cameras, you can really tailor the system so that you get exactly what you need.  If you need a video baby monitor, then you are covered.  If you have a toddler who needs to be monitored in a different room, then you can monitor both children at the flick of a switch.  It is very reassuring to know that as your family grows, you will be able to use the same monitoring system, and this is a fantastic capability for all parents!  Even better, you can keep on adding cameras to the monitoring system, so you can have different rooms wired up so that you can watch the rest of the house, mind pets, or ageing family members or whatever needs meet your specific requirements.


The only negative comment we could make about the VTech VM312-2 is that the 2 inch screen is not as large as some other baby monitors on the market, and there are some monitor screens that are more than twice as large, so if you really need that larger screen size, then we recommend that you look carefully at the options.


The VTech VM312-2 SafenSound Video Baby Monitor – Summary:


Overall this is a fantastic and well priced video baby monitoring unit, and the small screen size should not be a major reason why not to go ahead and buy this device.  The ability to add more cameras is well worthy of your consideration, as this baby monitor can continue to be useful as your family grows.  If you have a second baby, you can still use the same monitor in the nursery, and simply switch between cameras, to keep on eye on your older toddler in the play room.  As your family continues to grow, all you need to do is add additional cameras to the monitoring system, and you can follow your children as they play around the house, and even to the great outdoors.  With the flick of a button, you can keep your children under close supervision, even when they don’t even know you are there to look after them!  The VTech VM312-2 will help you to keep them safe and secure, and will take away all of your worries in the process.


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