SafeBabyTech Best Video Baby Monitor Review

SafeBabyTech Best Video Baby Monitor

SafeBabyTech Best Video Baby Monitor Review 1SafeBabyTech Best Video Baby Monitor Review 2
SafeBabyTech Best Video Baby Monitor

Introducing the largest and best resolution video baby monitor on the market – the SafeBabyTech Video Baby M0nitor – Platinum Edition.  This magnificent 7 inch High Definition Display is actually large enough for you to clearly see what you precious little bundle is getting up to.  You will absolutely love this video baby monitor because it is about 3 times larger than what is offered by most of the competitors in the video monitor market.  This super high resolution video display monitor provides excellent vision during the day, as well as the latest and greatest in night vision technology.  The SafeBabyTech video monitor is perfectly safe to use in your baby’s nursery.

SafeBabyTech Best Video Baby MonitorThe SafeBabyTech video monitor have been cleverly designed with an automatic dimming feature which places the baby monitor in sleep mode to make sure it doesn’t wake up your sleeping baby.  Sleep mode allows you to switch off the video display, whilst still providing an audio signal, so can listen in on you peacefully sleeping infant.  Not only does this let everyone get a peaceful sleep, but it also conserves the battery so that your baby is covered all night long.

We think the SafeBabyTech system is one of the best video baby monitors, because it is very simple to setup and start using straight away.  There is no programming necessary, as the baby monitor has already been programmed, and everything has been done for you.  All you need to do is plug the device in and switch on – it is that simple, and there is no need for complicated instructions.  If you need help, SafeBabyTech do provide a customer service support, which is just a phone call away, but we don’t think you will need any help at all.


What else does the SafeBabyTech video baby monitor provide?

There is an audio feature that accompanies the video, but it is independent from the video stream, so that means you can turn off the video, and still receive audio monitoring.  With crystal clear audio transmission, you will always know that your baby is safe and secure, and you will be able to instantly tell the difference between a cry and a whisper.  No need for confusion over whether your baby is awake or asleep, which avoids all those unnecessary visits to the nursery, “just to check if everything is ok!”

The SafeBabyTech also provides a two way talkback mode so that you can soothe your baby by the sound of your voice, while you don’t actually have to enter the nursery.  This is the most effective way to train your baby to re-settle themselves without you necessarily having to go inside.  After all, when your baby learns to settle themselves, it will be much easier for you in the long run.

SafeBabyTech Best Video Baby MonitorWith the very latest design features, and a very modern appearance, the SafeBabyTech video monitor is a very smart looking device, that will not look out of place wherever you choose to locate the baby unit or the parent monitor.  Rest assured with your purchase, that you will always have peace of mind with regards the safety of your baby, but there is a money back guarantee, as well as a lifetime warranty on this product.  The manufacturer is totally confident that you will be blown away with the performance of this device that they will guarantee its ongoing reliability.



The Verdict – SafeBabyTech video baby monitor

The SafeBabyTech video baby monitor is easy to setup and install, and has quite all the features you will ever need which are fully adjustable to your personal preferences.  For example, the video steam can be focussed in on the baby’s cot, the audio volume is adjustable, and in sleep mode, is guaranteed not to wake up your baby or the rest of the family.  You can run the system with video and audio, or turn off the video but keep the sound in audio monitor mode, and adjust the system threshold to only alert when there is a certain level of sound detected, and filter out the snuffles and sleepy sounds that are no cause for alarm.

You can even talk to your baby via the two way talk back system, this video baby monitor has everything.  But the most spectacular aspect of the device is that super large 7 inch screen which provides a high definition view of your baby, which is not only one of the largest video monitoring screen on the market, but provides the safety and reassurance that you are really looking for in the best video baby monitor.


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