Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor Review

Motorola MBP43-2 Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor Review 1Motorola Digital Video Baby Monitor Review 2Motorola MBP43-2 Digital Video Baby Monitor

Motorola have released their latest model to the range of video baby monitors, and the MBP43-2 is yet another contender for best baby monitor on the market.  The Motorola MBP43-2 offers improvements over the previous models, and the most significant change is that they have added a second camera to the baby monitor unit to improve the clarity of the images of your precious little baby.  Both during the day, and also during the evening, the latest Motorola video baby monitor will keep you and your baby sleeping peacefully.

The MBP43-2 is a clever video baby monitor that provides you with the very best digital technology from Motorola.  Secure communications technology gives you peace of mind that your digital signal is safe and secure such that no-one can access your private signal, nor interfere with your secure link between the baby monitor and the parent unit.

Motorola Digital Video

The latest Motorola MBP43-2 video baby monitor continues the finest Motorola tradition of digital video excellence, featuring a 3.5 inch high density video screen on the parent monitor unit.  The video image provides clear and detailed images of your precious little bundle in full color, offering full coverage in either day or night mode, in full daylight as well as in very low light levels – your little baby will never be left alone in the dark!

The best part is that you are always in control!  The Motorola video baby monitor gives you full control over the viewing camera, so that you can zoom right in on your baby’s face, you can pan left and right when your baby rolls around, and you can tilt either up or down to make sure you can see everything.  With dual cameras, you have everything covered.

Product Summary:

  • Total control from the parent unit – dual Cameras with Pan, Zoom & Tilt adjustment
  • Parent monitor with 3 and a half inch color screen
  • Day and night mode with Infrared night vision
  • Nursery temperature monitoring
  • Baby microphone with high sensitivity so that you recognise the difference between sleeping sounds and wakeful sounds from your baby
  • Silent mode with sound level indicator, so that you can monitor your baby without waking the rest of the family
  • Two way intercom with talkback mode so that you soothe your baby
  • Pre programmed music mode with a choice of lullaby music to help your baby rest peacefully and naturally drift off to sleep
  • Fully secure wireless technology with a range out to 200 meters
  • Useful tools such as an alert system to let you know when the parent unit is about to lose connectivity before you move out of range, you can manage false alarms so that you are not bothered unless absolutely necessary, as well as a low battery warning which gives you time to recharge batteries before you run out of power.

What other features does the Motorola MBP43-2 offer?

An important feature of all good baby monitors is the ability to monitor the temperature in the nursery.  Although most houses tend to be air conditioned or heated to very moderate temperatures, the Motorola MBP43-2 provides you with a simple check that the nursery temperature is set how you intend.  If you set the temperature to a fixed level, you need to know that it is working – right?  No matter how much you try to keep the temperature just right,  the winter chills always seems to invade at night time, and if your baby gets cold overnight, then you will probably have to attend – I haven’t heard of a baby monitoring unit that can supply warmth on demand, but let me know if you ever see one!  If you can check the temperature, at least you can work out what action to take – if the temperature is ok, you never know your luck, your little baby might just be able to resettle by themselves, and get back off to sleep, and so can you!

The new camera system on the MBP43-2 is an improvement with dual camera systems delivering a much clearer picture quality, as well as excellent night vision, which is when you really need to check on your baby in close up detail.  The camera unit has very quiet operation, so you an be assured that you will not wake your baby in your efforts to check on them.  Otherwise that would not be good to wake the baby up every time you zoom in!

Looks good in any roomMotorola MBP43-2 Video Baby Monitor

All of the Motorola baby monitor units look aesthetically pleasing in your nursery, no matter what the décor, they just seem to look very appropriate to keeping your baby safe and secure.  The camera system offers excellent range of coverage, and with careful planning and positioning, you should be able to see all angles within the nursery.  You can attach the unit to the wall, or mount in on top of furniture, or whatever is your choice.  The best part is that the Motorola allows you to zoom right in to your baby’s face, and is detailed enough to be able to watch your baby breathing, or whatever you want to be able to check on.

Yes the Motorola video baby monitor gives you total control.  An important feature is that you can mute the microphone say at night time, when other members of the family are asleep.  Never fear that you will miss your baby’s cries, as you can monitor the lighting system, which shows a range of indicators that light up more urgently if your baby becomes more amplified.  The control buttons are easy to use, even in the dark, and provide rubberised and raised button controls that can’t be pushed accidentally which prevents you from switching into transmit mode, when you actually want to be on silent!

Battery life is adequate, and you can switch off video mode which will extend battery life dramatically, if you need to use extended monitoring time.

Negative Features:

The Motorola MBP43-2 does not have a recording facility, so that you won’t be able to capture those special moments on video.  It also does not provide a WiFi option, so you cannot stream the video signal through your phone or other device.  If you are not sure about WiFi options, then the Motorola baby monitor is a high quality device that will definitely keep you covered!

Are WiFi based systems safe to use?

This seems like a reasonable time to discuss the benefits or problems of having a WiFi based baby monitor, and although it may seem like a good way to go, there are some real negatives about using your home WiFi network.

Firstly, a dedicated video baby monitor will access a reasonable amount of your bandwidth which means you might find some interference on the network when you want to use high bandwidth downloads or applications on other devices in your home.

The next problem is that some WiFi systems do not provide a dedicated monitor, but rely on your other mobile devices such as your smartphone, iPad, or even can be streamed onto your computer screen. Whilst this may seem like a smart idea, and it is certainly high on the convenience scale, there is a problem with continuous monitoring service.  Typically, your mobile device will use timeout or power save mode to conserve battery life, and when this happens, the monitoring stream is also cut, or at least runs in the background.  Even your computer or laptop may shut down, sleep or timeout, which means you don’t actually have continuous monitoring, and whenever you want to check in with your baby, you have to reconnect the signal.  Some manufacturers are trying to address the problem by offering options such as a txt alert, or pop-up alert or some such system, but there is always the risk of delay in the alert system, and you may not realise when your baby is really demanding your attention.

The single biggest problem is that WiFi systems don’t seem to offer a dedicated monitoring system, or the option to use dual monitoring systems so that you can have continuous monitoring AND remote or WiFi access.  At the moment, it is up to you to decide whether you prefer to have constant monitoring over your precious little baby, or whether you find adequate coverage over a WiFi network.


Summary of the Motorola MBP43-2

Just to summarise the Motorola MBP43-2 video baby monitor does not offer a WiFi connectivity option, but it certainly does offer continuous video coverage of the nursery both during the day, and also at night, so you know that your baby is safe and secure.

The MBP43-2 is not the cheapest baby monitor on the market, but you will certainly get what you pay for, and that is an excellent quality video baby monitor.  You get high quality images, secure digital signals, and total control over the system right at your fingertips, so that you can be free to look after your chores and yourself, while your baby sleeps soundly.

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